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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by laivindil, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Any idea where Cabelas gets the blanks for their rods? I'm looking specifically at the FT and LST series and comparing with Redington Redfly.
  2. They all come from overseas, i think the ft's and pt's are St. Croix's. The ft is a hell of a lot slower than the Lst. I think the lst is the best rod they make. It's alot more similar to the redfly.
  3. i was told a few years ago that cabelas used g loomis blanks but maybe was mis-informed or might have changed now. in either case i have built a couple of the FT blanks and it's a really nice stick.
  4. I have an LST rod, and think its fantastic, and a very good deal. I firmly believe that Cabelas products are almost always among the best bang for the buck in their segments. Any time problems are reported with their products they not only offer great service, but usually they promptly come up with a replacement product and discontinue the faulty or poor one. They are huge, and therefore have some serious faults, but they also have a massive resource base from which to pull and offer good products and definitely get it right sometimes.

    Wow I feel like a cabelas whore now. I better bash them in a few of my next posts.
  5. Some people say that are Loomis and St.Croix. The XST (I have one) seems Sage action.
  6. Loomis quit making the blanks a few years back.
  7. Cabelas told me just a week or two ago that Loomis still makes the SLi. St. Croix makes all the others that say "Made in the USA". Not sure exactly which ones this includes such as PT, FT, LST (read the catalog or web-site). If it isn't the SLi or the one's that say "Made in USA" then they are made overseas.
    I am no authority, this is just what they told me directly.
  8. I was told by an individual that wishes to remain anonymous (an acquaintance and employee of Loomis) that they make the SLi for Cabelas. I have one in a 5wt and it is an outstanding rod for the dollar.

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