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  1. Hi,

    My wife and I would like to go to eastern Washington between the end of July to the end of August for 5-7 days. We would like to rent a cabin near a stream or lake. We were thinking of the Winthrop area, but are open to anywhere in the state (Spokane, Republic,etc) . We want a place that is decent, but not the Hilton either. I want to do some fishing, but we are looking mostly for peace and quiet.

    Anyone have a recommendation?


    High season will be $115 a night, the 'herd' is located right near the Weeman bridge directly on the river. What you get is a 'rolling hut' design by Seattle architect Tom Kundig ( of ) that has a community bathroom, BBq grille, small fridge, coffee maker, and a place for 3 to sleep.

    To me it's basic, cheap, aethetically cool, private, and right on the water.


  3. Thanks for the information.

  4. The Mt Gardner Inn is awsome. I have stayed there 3 times since October. Right in winthrop,plus it has its own nice little fly shop.
  5. Bonaparte Lake Resort has cabins in the $45 to $65 a night range. I've never stayed there but it is a pretty lake. I have camped at Beth Lake and it is a typical forest service type campground. You can fish at Bonaparte or go fish Beth and Beaver lakes a few miles away.
  6. Google "Winthrop Central Reservations" . You'll have a lot to choose from.

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