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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by JE, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. Just got back home from Cabo San Lucas tonight and wanted to send out a quick follow-up report for those that helped me out with info. last week. I didn't get too much fishing in but did manage to spend a couple of hours flogging the surf. This was my first time fishing in this area (first time in Mexico actually) so I wasn't too sure what to expect.

    My wife and I got up relatively early on Saturday and hit Medano beach where Brian had suggested. I fished a Clouser for about an hour or so and had a few follows and hits from some smaller fish. Also had something a little bigger follow my fly leaving a good sized V wake but it turned tail at the last minute. I did see schools of baitfish jumping and tried to cast in the vicinity. Out past the swimming areas (well beyond my casting range) there was a lot of activity-fish jumping out of the water with some enormous splashes from who knows what in hot pursuit, maybe a marlin. I also observed some manta rays leaping out of the water. Pretty fun to watch. I stopped fishing as the beach began to get a little more crowded. Although I did not get anything to hand, it was a very relaxing morning of fishing, I had a wonderful time. I put my 8 wt away and my wife and I walked a ways down the beach and had breakfast at The Office. As we ate our huevos rancheros, we watched two locals get into a fist fight over a Skidoo or something and get taken off to the pokey by La Policia.

    The following morning, I let my wife sleep in and hit the beach by the Hotel Finesterra where we were staying. I had been advised to steer clear of this beach because of the rough surf but decided to give it a try anyway. The surf was indeed much rougher than Medano, the beach being very steep and the tides sucked in and out of there really fast. I walked to the North end of the beach near some rock outcroppings and casted the old Clouser for about 45 minutes or so with no luck. I started walking and casting back toward the hotel when something huge (huge to me anyway, perhaps 3 or more ft long and pretty thick in the shoulders) absolutely nailed my fly and took off like nobody's business. It was very exciting to see the dark form appear out of nowhere. My line absolutely sliced through the water and I was fast into something very powerful and, to be honest, a little scary for a small stream trout fisherman. Needless to say, I was outmatched and outclassed from the get go and after about 5 seconds my fly poinged back toward me up on the beach. I was quite pleased with the morning's fishing and headed back to the hotel for breakfast and laying by the pool with my wife. I talked to some guy who fishes the area a lot and he said it may have been a Roosterfish, all I know is that thing probably would have spooled me if it had stayed on.

    Despite, being pretty ramped up by my new surf experiences, I decided to exert some self control, put the flyrod away and focus my attention on quality time with my wife (the original intent of the trip). Wow, I always considered myself somewhat of a salmonid snob before this trip, I can really see the allure of this type of fishing. All in all, my wife and I had a great time reconnecting with each other-we did some snorkeling, enjoyed great food and sunshine and did the tourist thing - good stuff! Thanks again you guys for the advice, there are still a lot of places I want to explore down there, we might just have to get down there again next year.
  2. Great report, you took me back there for a few minutes. Breakfast at the office.......yum yum.

    You did a lot better than most by even trying to flyfish off the Pacific beach near the Finisterra, usually the surf looks like the North Shore of Oahu so getting a cast and a hookup on the fly there is quite an accomplishment :thumb:
  3. 2 words......... cabo pulmo

    however, if you can't get away from the main area of Cabo, you can rent sit on top kayaks and head out towards lover's beach and the arch area.
    you can also hire a water taxi to take you around that area...........
  4. Good report JE. It's also good to hear that I'm not the only one here who puts my wife above fishing. I was beginning to think this site is full of pigs, but now I know it's at least one pig short! ;)

    Just joking, I know that deep down, all the married guys know they're whipped! :rofl:
  5. JE,
    Good to hear you hooked up a few down there. Thanks for the report.
  8. negro modelo con lima esta muy buena cerveza
  9. Pinche gavacho...
  10. Cabo Pulmo is a great place...but keep in mind one can't fish from shore there. It's in the national park.

    Regarding cerveza...there is only one...La Ballena de Pacifico!! :beer1:

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