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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by steeli, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Last year it appears there was a caddis swap, and I'm going to host another.
    This caddis fly swap is of proven patterns you've landed trout with either on the west or east side of the mountains inluding emergers or dry flys. Looking for seven to ten tyers making one or two flies each; let me know your preference. My preference is two each in case ya loose that awesome new pattern. Deadline to submit by July 3, with flies being mailed out that same week, just in time for the summer hatches.

    If interested, respond with basic pattern description and number of flies you'd like to tie (either one or two per tier). I'll put you in on the list at the order received. I'll also P.M.instructions on where to send your flies to.
    I'll probably tie one of favorites; either a greeny emerger or cutthroat caddis...
  2. Sure, I'm up for it.
  3. I would like to get in on this one. I don't care if we tie one or two. Also, not to be rude, but I really don't want a dozen elk hair's so hopefully we all have some good original patterns.


    Hydropsyche larvae (deadly on the eastside of the mountains)
    All purpose emerger (absolutely amazing pattern before, during and after a hatch)
    Lace emerger (fishes well deep to shallow)

    I will pick after everyone else chooses. If everyone is going to tie an emerger I will tie a larvae, or vice versa.

  4. iagree

    I don't have any "original" caddis patterns, but I do know some not so common ones. I'm getting ready to start this years "caddis lifecycle" box anyway. Perfect timing James. one or two patterns/flys, doesn't matter to me. It's your call man.
  5. Right on B, yeah, all of the patterns I have are my own that I created after working a summer on the Yakima for WDFW pumping trout stomachs. I didn't want to come off like an ass, I just meant patterns that might not be as common, or something we might not have seen before. I think we can all tie an EHC in 2 minutes or less...I think the advantage of these swaps is to see what everyone else has been creating, tying, and using with success. Caddis are fun to tie, great idea on the caddis life cycle box! I have been trying to complete mine for years, but I always end up fishing too much, losing flies, and tying to little! HAHA!

  6. I'd also hope for not a lot of basic Elk hairs, but if that's a person's level of tying, not a problem.
    My are not real "original" either, just good variations and they fish very well.....:thumb:
  7. There was an article in FlyFishing Magazine a month or three back that had patterns for the complete caddis cycle. It was a dozen patterns or so but I can't for the life of me remember who's patterns they were. I remember they were from colorado and I seem to remember the guys name beginning with an "H". I'll check later. They looked pretty good, Most of them incorporating CDC. I'm pretty pumped to get started on it. I'm still in the materials gathering phase though.

    I'll probably tie a spent wing pattern and maybe a cripple if we do 2 patterns. :beer2:
  8. Hell ya, I want to be on this swap. I agree with the EHC idea as well, it is a great pattern, but it is more fun to tie buggy CDC or other patterns that require more skill.
  9. Jofus - Rene Harrop had a pretty good display of CDC based caddis patters for tailwaters in the last issue of FFM.
  10. Sign me up boys! I've got a "killer" pattern to share! Don't fish it if you want to C&R!! HA
  11. I am new to the swap thing, but would like to play.I know some pretty unique pupae and emerger stuff, but do you send the same pattern in, and how many?
  12. Good responses...
    So far we've got:
    2. Be Jofus G
    3. James St. Clair
    4. obiwankanobi
    5. scottflycst
    6. P-FITZ98

    Looks like this swap will be a 'go'.
    For several more days, swap's still open for more.
  13. That's the name. :beer2:
  14. I am new to the swap thing also and have the same questions as P-FITZ98. I am thinking I would like to join but would like these answers first. Or, is there a fly swap "rules" post somethere I can read through?

  15. Bryan and P-

    There are rules at the top of the fly swap forum list. Its a sticky called Fly Swap How it Works or something like that. Read through it, I think it makes pretty good sense. Basically somebody hosts the swap (the swapmeister), and you tie one dozen, or how ever many flies are decided upon depending on the number of "swappers". You send your flies to the swapmeister. When he recieves the flies, he divides them up so that each swapper gets the same # of flies that he/she tied, but of everyone elses patterns. There is a little more too it, but thats the jist, read the thread and let me know if you have any more questions. Hope you guys join in!

  16. Yeah, I tied some last night till the drink overpowered meptyd , Im in..
  17. Im in if this is still open. I would be good to whip up a hi-viz deer hair dry, or a pupa pattern depending on what everyone else is tying, I think it would be good if we kept it varied - dry, nymphs, emergers.....
  18. Monkey Salad you'll be in.

    Swap will be closed up in next day or two so anyone interested can still reply.

    So far we've got 7 you all want to tie one or two patterns? I'd like to propose two patterns each and for a little extra time extend the deadline a week.
  19. I'm good for one pattern, that's all I've got time for now.
  20. Thanks for the info on the swap. Unfortunately, I cannot make this one work into my schedule so I'll pass.

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