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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by steeli, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. So far I've received 5 of 7 ties here. I can tell some of these are flying pretty far via postal.
    Be Jofus G, sounds like yours should arrive anytime. James St. Clair, are yours in the mail? Haven't heard from ya.
    I hope to have them all packaged and shipped back by early next week. Great looking flies and thanks for including a couple bucks for return postage.
  2. How is the swap going, Steeli?.
  3. Steeli,

    I will put the $2.00 in an envelope tomorrow. I didn't have the cash then. FYI
  4. 7/19 a.m. Still waiting for flies from Be Jofus G and James St. Clair. Please get back regarding your status; will send another PM reminder to them.
    If not received, what do you guys want to do? Wait a little longer or set a date to pull the plug? I'm pretty busy the next couple weeks but can package and ship out what we've got either this weekend 7/21 or next 7/28. I'd just return the extras to the original fly tier.
    Mid summer can get pretty busy for everyone;:beathead: unless the rest of ya are real anxious to whip around these caddis bugs I suggest waiting until the 28th; then close the door and get them mailed out.
  5. They should be there. I'll check with the boss when I get home and make sure they're not still sitting on the front seat of her truck. :beathead: If they are, I'll overnight them. :beathead:
  6. 7/28 update...
    Be Jofus, did you find them or maybe did the 'boss' take off with them to do some caddis flyfishing?:)
    I'll check my mail once last time today. Unless I hear a couple desperate calls asap from a couple nameless tiers (starting with Be..and Ja..) I'll start packaging these great looking patterns for mail out.
    If any of you got any comments, let's hear from ya...
  7. 7/30 Fly packages are in the mail today. All-in-all you can look forward to adding ten different patterns to your fly boxes. Great ties!:thumb:
  8. My wife said they came today.Looking forward to checking them out.The ones I did are actually the back of a 2 part fly,but I was out of #12s at the time.Its a pattern my cousin John Newbury came up with and works incredibly well.Its on the FFF site( the fly of the month section, and he calls it the ERV emerger.Ive had good luck with the pupae,but with the elk hair head part,they work awesome.:beer2:
  9. got my flies today, good stuff
  10. iagree
  11. Aaa! I miss the days of the caddis hatch so thick it lowered the visibilty to 50 yards of the river....
  12. add me to the caddis crew....
  13. Shit, Little late. BTW I found them last night under my son's car seat along with a half eaten PBJ sandwich, some crushed cheeseits and an unidentifiable fuzzy glob. I threw the PBJ, glob and cheeseits out but still have a couple dozen extra flies laying around. I know you guys probably wasted some time tying a pattern for me so if you still want your flies, PM me.

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