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  1. Ok that works for me we can extend it another week. Also if we can only get eight tyers I am fine with that. So Mumbels and Steeli RU in on this one then?
  2. In. No idea what I'll be tying as caddis patterns are varied. I'll try to find something that others are not tying. There is a bead body caddis emerger that is one of my favorite lake flies...are we doing one or two patterns?
  3. Two
  4. Check, thanks for the fast response. I'll try to get started tonight or tomorrow...inventory stuff, hit the shop, hit the cellar and get to work. Thanks.
  5. I'm in. Probably a caddis pupa and lower water emerger or dry.....if a spot left.
  6. Okay, I've checked my books and supplies. I'm going to tie two similar patterns that intrigue me. One is a Poul Jorgensen Hair Wing Caddis. The other is Poul Jorgensen's Delta Wing Caddis. If for whatever reason one proves too frustrating I'll try a really tough looking one called the Henryville Caddis from my G. Randolph Erskine book. I better get to work as soon as the girls are out, these little buggers are going to test my skill and PATIENCE! Thanks for letting me in though, I need this type of challenge to prove that I can stop bying small dries, emergers and midge patterns.
  7. Still looking for one more. I think Im going to close entry for this on say, sunday night if we dont get another person is everyone else ok with that?
  8. sunday night is fine with me. just got to know how many to tie.

  9. Sounds good.
  10. Okay, so I've been too tired to tie a few days this week but wanted to get going so that I would not have to tie all these up hastily. I'm not a dry fly tyer and if these suck ass I'm sorry but you are getting them anyway. If they will at least float they can be used as strike indicators...

    It took me four attempts to get this winged one and three attempts for the hair one. I have some neat rust colored hackles that I think look good, but the colors of the feathers are slightly variable. At least some of the materials and steps are the same so I'll get some good practice. Let me know if I'm wasting my time...

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  11. Ugly flys catch fish, pretty flys catch fisherman but your flys look some where in between so given that, the persons receiving your flys will be happy and the fish will have a hook in their mouths.
  12. Ok so lets call this swap full with nine people. So thats two pattern's eight flys for each that we have to tie, Please get the flys in by the deadline I posted which again is April 11th. If all flys are in I will have all flys out to you no later than April 14th.
  13. Sean K, thanks for the address. I had a good day with the family yesterday and a good night at the vice. I only have a few more to spin up and I think they should get some lines stretched.
  14. No slacking here. I had what I'm calling an awesome night on the vice the last two nights. You've got mail inbound. I hope these don't suck too bad. There are a few extras that I've tinkered with for the swapmeister. SASE enclosed.
  15. Got mine done as well, thanks for the quickness Mumbles!!!
  16. Mine are in the mail today.
  17. Flies have flown and are on the way.

  18. Ifrank, Mumbels I received both of your fly's today they look great! Thanks for the timely manner you got them to me.
  19. I have one pattern done , will have the other complete by the end of the weekend .

    The pattern I have finished is called the Puristpupa . Size 12 .

    Still undecided about the 2nd pattern . Maybe an X Caddis ?
  20. Flies mailed today

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