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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by sean_k, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. having a tough weekend but managed to get the spent caddis ones done and starting on the z-wings. looking to send them at the end of the week, maybe sooner if i get a good day but that hasn't happened lately.

    i know what the problem is.... more fishing = better attitude

  2. Mine are done and will be in the mail tomorrow .
  3. Flies mailed today. All I can say is your local trout are lucky you are only getting two of these bad ass flies!:rofl: Seriously though, this is my first swap, all feedback is welcome.
  4. I just want to thank everyone who has gotten their flys to me to this point, and a reminder to those who's I havent received yet to please get them to me by the 11th for if they are not I will have to return your flys to you with out being in the swap. I dont want to hold these flys from being sent out and I will not be able to mail them untill after the 24th If I dont receive them by the 11th due to a business trip. Thanks again and the flys to this point look great!
  5. put me on the done list. i'm attaching the toe tags now and they'll be speeding along tomorrow.

  6. For the swap, thought I throw in a couple odd flies for more non-selective fish
    First Pattern completed: Montana Bucktail Dry
    From a 1970 Pacific Northwest Fly Patterns book -Roy Patrick's Flyshop. This is an attractor caddis pattern I've caught many fish on in Washington, Oregon and Montana. Particularly effective on cuts.
    Second Pattern: Swimming Caddis Emerger
    This is more of a creation fly for this swap taking different aspects of surfacing caddis flies; think looks pretty tasty.
    Second pattern will be finished today and all mailed out.
    Look forward to seeing all of ours!
  7. Ok so it sounds like everyone will have their flys in the mail in the next few days. If I receive them early I will get them out to you all early. I will also post pics of all flys as soon as I receive them. So far I am very pleased with the quality of the flys and I beleive all of you will be happy with them as well. Thanks again for making my introductory to being a swapmeister an easy one.
  8. Mine hit the mail this afternoon. delivery time should be either tuesday or wed - if they do not arrive then drop me a line and i'll try to get a new set tied (thinking all-nite, uggh).

    This olive spent caddis is a variation of the Mathews spent caddis found at The fly will have a tendency to float any which way, if you want it to settle low in the water, trim the bottom partridge feathers.

    looking forward to seeing the others. k
  9. hey kim how are your flies for the hopper swap going? i think your the last one:D
  10. getting on them tonight. they're on the clock.

  11. I want to start by saying thanks to everyone, all the flys are in and they all look great! I will take pics of them and post them in the gallery hopefully tommrow evening. I will also mail all flys NLT friday with a delivery confermation number that I will pm you. Again I want to say thanks to all of you for meeting the deadline and as of this point making my first oppertunity as a swapmeister very easy! I look forward to the fish in the future that will be caught!!!!!
  12. Sean- I doubt that the postage that I included will cover a delivery confirmation number. Don't worry about mine, just send it regular postage. Otherwise I could meet you and pick it up. I am just over at about 176 and Meridian.
  13. Im fine with however you want them either mail or If you would like we could meet up somewhere. I'm in Puyallup often, halfway to meet would be Canyon rd and 176 if you want to do it that way.
  14. I'd like to buy you a beer... or coffee for hosting, your choice. How about either the Starbucks in the Safeway parking lot or there is a new bar / restaurant East on 176 just after the Caveman Coffee at 66th. Either Friday or Saturday afternoon work for you?
  15. Well thank you very much. I would prefer Saturday (Fridays are date nite with the girly-o) As for beer or starbucks I would have to say I perfer hopps over mocha.
  16. Sounds good to me. Does the bar that I mentioned work? 4:00 OK with you?
  17. Yeah that works for me, 4:00 it is. I'll have your flys with me. Also for everyone else sorry I havent posted the flys yet I will do it tonight so everyone can see what they will be receiving.
  18. Pics are in the Gallery and I should have all flys mailed by tommrow!
  19. Everyones flys are in the mail, I got them out this afternoon. Minus ifrank
  20. Got mine yesterday. Nice ties everyone! Good swap!

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