Caddis Pupa- Miss Communicado

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  1. In early July in BC's Interior travelling sedges (caddis) start to emerge and it is a highly anticipated time for local flyfishers and area visitors alike. I find that my success rate is much higher when I target the fish taking pupae/emergers than fishing adult dry patterns.

    This particular pattern works well if dead drifted below the surface over the dropoffs and when the fish are really on them, as soon as your fly hits the water you can see the surface boil and bulge right beneath the fly. It is a very exciting way to fish if you can time it just right.

    The pattern consists of standard size stretch tubing, white or tan Senyo's Laser Yarn, Thin Skin wingcase, peacock herl, peacock Ice Dub and mottled hen back for the legs/antennae. There is a little bit to tying this pattern but is well worth the effort. Enjoy....

  2. That looks extraordinary. Can you post a pic of it dry or a video of how to put that thing together? I would like to have a few of these in my stillwater box.
  3. John
    Thanks for tantalizing us. Would a green body color be the most commonly used?
  4. A SBS would be great! I know of a few lakes that's fly would be the $$
    Thanks for posting!
  5. Yeah I'd love to see a Step By Step or further tying details. Looks like a winner to me.
  6. ^^^ That would kill on Rufus Woods. I would mostly tie it in green and tan for here.
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  7. Yep for sure. Hope to have some ready for June.
  8. A quick google search 'Miss Communicado' provided plenty of forum posts and some more info, but no tying video or step by step. Links to similar patterns too. Perhaps someone can put it together this spring and get a SBS up for folks. Again looks like a real effective pattern.
  9. Here's some photos of the pattern dry and an alternate pattern in yellow dry.

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