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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Alexander, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. I'm mainly writing this for general purposes in case someone searches this may come up and inform them. And maybe this is for some of you who are shameless in your actions and just enjoy using people and resources without caring for anyone but your selfish self!

    I was at the place last weekend and just decided to stop by on my way to the Dewatto river to check the place out and to ask some questions about the manor and the lake. Well I learned allot but the one think I learned and want to rant about is the fact that pretty much hardly anybody pays the donation fee!! If you do you are one of the few! Out of 3000 users the man only picks up about $1000 of which one individual pays $500 out of the kindness of his heart! This leaves about 2999 people for the year and about $500 between those people. WTH?

    This guys pays out of his own pocket for all the fish in there! The lake would not have fish if it wasn't stocked by him, the fish would eventually be eaten by the otters and beavers and musk rats etc. The fish are in there for us, put there by the owner so we can have a fly fishing only lake. How kind is that?

    Rather than appreciate the blessing and make a contribution this guy pretty much gets raped by his own fellow fly fishers? What's wrong with this?

    I asked him what a mi imum donation would be? He said $5 bucks! Now that is a killer deal to fish a FF only lake with monster Trout in it. If you don't have the money stay home! Don't be a cheap skate and use the resource if you can't support it. Hit the salt or something.

    Anyhow, the man is struggling (like all of us, or at least some of us). The economy has hit him hard, so be a real man and pay your donation, yes that pretty much means just pay the heck up if you are going to fish there!

    Almost makes me want to be the body guard there to kick some abusers out!

    Ok done now. Point is, stop using people, don't be a jerk!
  2. Yeah, the users should pony up for their visit there. For the new folks you might share what/where Cady is and about. Also folks can donate by sending a check to the owner, you don't even have to fish there, just help a guy who supports our sport. What's the fellows name/address? I'll be the first to send a check.

  4. Alexander:

    Couldn't agree with you more! I had no idea that the donation rate was that bad. You are only telling part of the story as Larry has had to put with with a lot of junk from the state.

    I'll second the "don't be a jerk". Put some bucks in the donation box to support & continue to enjoy this unique fishery. If "we" don't we could lose it.

  5. I was talking with Larry a couple weeks ago about the same issue, but your post really puts the word out
    for all to see. Thanks for bringing the issue up for all to see. Wish that I had thought of posting it myself.
  6. Cady is a long trip for me but I usually get there at least once a year. Best thing to do is stay in one of his rooms. If you go to a pay to play lake with big fish, you'll pay the same for a days fishing as Larry charges for one night with breakfast. For the money, it's one of the best B&B's in the State. My wife doesn't fish but loves to just lay around, read, or watch movies (Larry has a video library of over 800 titles) while I fish. The food is incredible and plentiful, you won't go hungry. Last time we were there he even sent some desert home with us for the kids! All this, PLUS monster trout, what more could you ask for.
  7. Sounds like a place to put on my list.
  8. Gary:

    Give me a shout anytime! I would like to show you that water.

  9. Great thread. I had no idea it existed, and I will certainly go and throw Mr. Jackson in his donation box.
  10. Great post. I stayed there for one night about 3 years ago. My ladyfriend and I were the only guests that evening and Larry really took care of us. He has row boats, fly rods and reels for the guests to use and even insisted I take some of the flys he keeps on hand.The breakfast was the best...anything you want, made to order. He said that when the weather cooled off, probably about this time of the year, he was planning to stock some steelhead in the lake. I was sufficently impressed that I donated $20 to the box and was happy to do so. I hope he stays in business so I can stay there again sometime.

  11. Apparently he has 19 different species of Trout in there, at least if they are no longer there he's at least stocked it with 19 different kinds. Ps he told me all the donated money goes right back into the lake. He stocks pigs and stocks bait fish in there for the pigs to feed on! Can't wait to hit it with my boy this Saturday! ;). Too bad I got rid of all my lake patterns :(. Were just going to throw buggers! Chironomids would be nice to have on hand, or some seal buggers!
  12. Larry is truly one in a million, and I most definitely leave something in the box with each visit. Generosity like his is hard to come by. He has loaned me a boat on several occasions so that I could take my 8 year old out with me. He is always patient with my son, and even provides life jackets. Truly a stand up guy and its a damn shame that people would take advantage of that.
  13. It is really dissapointing that people who spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on fly fishing gear will take advantage of a situation. I have seen this poor behavior and unadulterated greed in other venues as well. For example the Yakima clean up comes to mind where individuals take advantage of the free shuttle and free meal at the end of the day and never bother to pick-up any garbage and then sit around hoping to pick-up some free raffle goodies.

    Fishing ethics include how one conducts themselves in all situations and I find at times ethics and personal responsibility take a back seat to personal greed.

  14. Does he still have that dog that was donated to him from some people on this site. This happened some three to five years ago, I think. When one gets old you sometimes forget dates,.
  15. Be careful here guys-as soon as you start talking about being polite and considerate some knuckle-dragging clod is going to accuse you of being gay....:beathead: just sayin'.....

  16. Jim:

    Still had the dog on my last visit, Otto. Darn dog like to eat rocks. He also hauls brush pickers back to the house. Grabs their wrist and they don't quite know what to do so they follow him back to the house to be released.

    I still have pictures of the day we dropped him off.
  17. Thought I should chime in on this one, as I am another who enjoys fishing Cady and appreciates what Larry does for what amounts to the personal satisfaction of knowing he is making people happy. Absolutely, if you fish Cady, leave at least some donation. There have been times when I have finished my fishing there and realized I didn't have any cash/checks to give him. In those cases, my policy has been to double down on my next visit. Especially when one considers the cost of the gas to get most of us to and from the lake, $5 is a drop in the bucket, and there is no excuse for not ponying up at least that much.

    If you really want to help, the best thing you can do is spend a night or two at the Manor with your honey. My wife and I have stayed there twice, and on both occasions, it has been a great experience. Larry is a fantastic cook and a better host, and he goes out of his way to make sure you have everything you want/need while you are there. He is also full of fascinating stories about his past lives, which can come in very handy if you happen to be there on a cold, wet day. As much as I love to fish that lake, fishing has been secondary on both of our visits to the Manor. There is plenty to do there, and the surrounding area offers some amazing drives along the not-oft visited East side of Hood Canal. Belfair has a cool farmers market on weekends in the summer as another option.

    Honestly, though I suspected a lot of folks were neglecting to donate to the cause, I had no idea the numbers were as paltry as they are. If you're reading this thread and happen to be among the guilty, please take your next opportunity to get out to Cady for an afternoon of fishing, and don't forget to bring your checkbook. It should be fishing great this time of year, and it can be a nice departure from the largely frustrating pursuit of fall salmon and winter steelhead. Just think of it as taking care of the ones that take care of you.
  18. Alexander - Thanks for starting this. Shad - Thanks for you input.

    So, I except to see a bulging donation box next trip down.....
  19. Cady lake is a great lake and Larry does a woderful job of keeping us happy. My club, PSFF donates money and time to help Larry out. My wife and I have stayed at the Manor several times and Larry's cooking, stories and hospitality are outstanding! We are lucky to have a fishery as this so make sure if you fish it, contribute please!
  20. Thanks for the thread. I'm still wearing skunk after two outings at Cady, but my rod was bent over pretty well a couple of times and Larry is a fine Gent. I didn't know about the donation box the first time but met him at the launch and had a delightful 10 minute conversation. Uncharacteristically for me I had a couple of presidents and gladly left $10. The next week I brought a friend and planned ahead. After dropping a $20 in the box I watched my friend land a few nice fish while I could have been at a fish market with the weeks' grocery budget and they would have been sold out.

    The Mrs & I try to get away a couple times during the winter. It's kind of "out there" but staying at the B&B for a quiet weekend alone with my lovely wife sounds like a grand way to say Thanks. Year-round regs too... Wonder if she'll notice my Water Master and gear in the back? She may like the being able to relax and knit, and want to make it a regular.

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