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  1. I've fished Cady Lake once and that was last summer. Threw a sawbuck in the box. I recall seeing a sign asking you to limit your fishing to four hours. I had intended to fish longer but the wind came up and I was off the water in three. Do you Cady anglers limit you stay to four hours? Also, I checked the WDFW stocking report and the lake got a small broodstock plant this past spring so Larry isn't the sole source of fish in the lake, not this year anyway.
  2. The state has planted it with fish for a while. I believe that they usually stock it with cutthroat or at least used to. That being said with out the fish that larry stocks in the lake it would not be nearly as productive. Larry is a great guy. Like everyone else has already said make sure and leave a donation.
  3. how much is it to fish at cady lake? sounds like the fishing is pretty good? Wheres it located?
  4. No charge to fish Cady BUT ya better leave a donation.
  5. Scott
    Only 77 miles from my house. Can't be any colder than the last lake I went to or worse fishing. LOL.
  6. Mark - Sign me up! Not so sure that the fishing was "worse", at least for some of us - no names will be used.
  7. Alexander,

    This is stunning. I fish Cady often and always leave a minimum of $10 and usually $20. I have never thought of speaking with Larry about this subject, and had no idea that these boneheads were not donating. For those of you who are light on cash, and looking for excuses not to pay, make the check out to "Friends Of Cady Lake". Thanks for posting this Alexander.
  8. i have never fished Cady but I'm itching to. i work just 5 minutes down the road at the local Boy Scout camp where i teach fishing and fly fishing during the off season. does anyone know the rate for a night at the B&B? i would love to support Larry, knowing that its his private lake im even more willing to help him out anyway i can.
  9. I'm a long way away, so have no context (as I suspect others reading this thread) as to lake access, fish stocking, etc. Does the Game Department also stock this lake? Does the fellow/family own the lake, or is there otherwise 'public access?'

    If the fellow is 'big time' out of pocket (fish stocking, etc.) folks using the resource should 'Man-Up' and put a few bucks in the can. Remember way back in the day (and I'm talking pre-1984) some fellow allowed access to one of the 'S-rivers' through his pasture land. Recommended donation was $1.00. At the end? (As I remember) was hundreds of yards of prime fishing water. All for a Buck. Fellow even built a 'Arrow head Gate' for easy access.

    What was his 'payback?' Trash on the beaches, cut down trees so some idiot(s) could build fires, and the final stroke .... someone cut his fence so they could drive their 'truck/what-ever' down to the beach rather than walk a 100 yards.

    End game: All access closed, property 'posted,' etc.

    There's a similar story on the Windchuck River in SW Oregon. Farmer allowed fishermen to walk across his field for years, to access some of the best water in the lower river. Same result/same end game/same 'no game.'


    Edit: Just looked at their web site; looks like a hell of a grand place to spend a week end!
  10. ive done some research on cady in the past and what ive found is that Larry and family do privately own the lake and have kept it open to fly fishers for years. im not sure is F&G stock the lake for him but i do know that all maintainence is done by him
  11. I think it's too late. I don't believe Larry is going to stock it this year from what he told me. Do I hit the "Post Quick Reply" or not........? hmmmmmmmm.... too late.
  12. Candidly, with 'free access,' I can understand his point of view if he wishes to 'pull the plug.' Reminds me of the old saying: "No good deed goes unpunished."

  13. Well, I'm no historian relative to free access that he provides. I'm not sure what ever happened there. Because, I have fished that lake since I was 15 years old. There was always access. I am now 62. I think WDFW must have something that has been locked in for a lot of years. Just sayin....

    Seems that the majority of the fiscal burden is on Larry at Cady Lake, WDFW contributes some fish as a "portion of the plant". I have fished there less than a half dozen times and put something in the box each time. I don't think it is that complicated. It is my money and I don't mind parting with some of it for a quality fishing location in a very nice setting that sometimes frustrates and sometimes blows me away.
  15. Fred, it is a beautiful place. I have barely fished there and every time Larry has been great to chat with and you can tell he has a real pride in ownership. As such he has created a great place for us to play. I know that there are many that contribute fairly for their use of his lands and the treasures he has stocked into the lake. Unfortunately there are some who just don't think beyond themselves and the moment. The setting is great, and it is off the beaten path. Those who might think of wanting to get away from the Pugetropolis Rat Race for a few days or weekend should consider staying at Cady Lake. It is a gem of a spot.
  16. Good Call Mr. M, Good Call.

    How can you/we/I spread the word that 'there IS a treasure' in your own back yard?

    To borrow a phrase: "A man that eloquent has to be saved." (Gen George Patton/George C. Scott)

  17. Unsure Fred, at least one of the local clubs has been a factor in keeping some maintenance up on the access and launch area. I met a bunch of fine folks there a couple of years ago slinging gravel into pot holes and such. Maybe those groups could meet up with Larry to see what could be done, if he's willing to do anything at this point.
  18. the state owns the launch area.

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