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  1. Scott Salzer

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    Not sure where you got that info but the state does not own the launch area! Larry owns the launch area. The state owns a piece that has no road to it.

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    I have seen a few internet pages, none from WDFW, that say the state maintains a primitive boat launch at Cady Lake. I'm not a property guru, but I don't think that is true. Actually, I know for a fact that Larry has gotten load after load of gravel to put into the access road to fill holes as erosion and rutting happens and more of that gravel to maintain the launch area. I know this because Larry, Dave Alberts, Scott Salzer, Rob Ast and I, along with a half dozen other folks I can't recall (sorry all) have loaded, moved and shoveled that gravel.

    Bottom line is that is a beautiful place, has a great surrounding, is off the beaten path a bit and all who choose to use it should appreciate it greatly. If users are not adding to the voluntary box, that is their choice. Maybe there should be a more restrictive access a pay to play entry fee. Those fees could be used to maintain the access and fish stocks. I have no idea what will become of this great place. Whatever Larry chooses to do I'll be happy to support. I live about 90 minutes from there, and have never once had a trip there and home that was not totally worth what I stuffed in the box.
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    Manke lumber owns the land on the west side of the lake. There is a small piece of waterfront owned by the state on the north end of the lake that is surrounded on the west, north and eastside by larry's land. When i talked to larry about it it was right after he bought the land and he told me about the state thing but i guess i forgot the details. Been too many years.
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    No problem. I had a conversation with Larry one time about the Fisheries Dept. was measuring "their" parking lot. He politely(?) informed them that it wasn't therir parking lot and requested that they leave. I knew the state had a pice of property that didn't have access.

    I too have CRS disease.

  5. Tony

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    This has been hashed over before many times, yes the state does have an easement on the lake and no its not Larry's road nor his launch in fact he fought with them for a few years over that issue and yes I do believe parts of the backside of the lake are owned by Manke this being said doesn't change the fact that Larry has done alot for us over the years and I for one appreciate it along with alot of others please donate. I don't think having Larry not stock the lake as frequently is really all that bad of a thing, in fact I've had issues with the stocking frequency at cady I've fished there along time and I think the fishing was alot better when the lake had a closed season instead of being open year round the lake was stocked less and the hatches were oh so much better, ever since the lake was opened up year round there have been close to 1000 fish dumped in there yearly at for the last 5 years maybe longer, this is way too many fish for this size of lake and you can tell, hatches that once were common hardly seem to exist at all, I believe the lake has changed, the size of prey the fish now key in on has been steadily shrinking in size, not that this is all bad I enjoy midging but I've noticed even at that it seems like my use of smaller flies are now required instead of just being something handy to have when the need arises.
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    Monday Feb 14 is my 29th Anniversary! Wow what a lucky and blessed man am I. The beautiful Mrs Brian and I try to get away every year for at least a couple of days. This year she asked where we should go and I mentioned the Coast; we’ve gone there often, or the Hood Canal. She reasoned that Hood Canal would be a place I could fish. She said she just wanted to relax away from home and would bring her sewing machine to use whilst I fished. I couldn’t find any inns on the water so I suggested Cady Lake Manor. After checking out the website she booked Sunday through Tuesday nights. She found out Larry provides quite a dinner menu. He’s a delightful fellow and I am looking forward to chatting with him again. I expect to leave a respectable gratuity. Although no alcohol is available he encouraged us to bring our own. We have some Riesling ice wine for chocolates, and some Syrrah to go with the 14 oz steaks he serves up for $20.
  7. Scott Salzer

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    Happy Anniversary. Nice place to spend a couple of days. Larry is a great host!

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    You guys are pretty lucky to have a place like that to fish. If that was in Utah, you'd be paying $20/ hour and up to fish it. Sounds like Larry is a hell of a guy.
    We fish Strawberry Res. (Utah) a lot and some places just to launch it's $7.50 for a day pass to park and launch. Same with the State Parks, and they're planning on raising the fee even more this year.
  9. Brian Miller

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    GOOD LORD! What a FABULOUS inn! Words can barely describe how nice this place is. He even surprised us with roses! Cady Manor really does deserve an outing. I'm going to ask if the club wants to do a weekend.
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    As for the fishing?

  11. Brian Miller

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    (hmm... nowhere to hide)

    My angling prowess is aptly illustrated by the avatar and my record at Cady remains intact; zero for three. It was stormy and cold. I had two strong tugs and saw two slashing rises by good sized fish leaping clear of the water. However the waiting arms of my beautiful wife of 29 years whom I love dearly, in the luxury of Cady Lake Manor, along with Larry's delightful, engaging personality and superb gourmet culinary talents proved more than adequate consolations. And afterwards I quizzed Larry who revealed what to me seems his somewhat unorthodox technique for winter lake fly angling that I am eager to get back out to try.
  12. Scott Salzer

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    "Stormy & cold" - sounds like you made the right choice.