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    Does any one have info on what the fish eat at cady or what tactics work. Any info will be usefull. thanks
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    I've had lots of luck with #14-16 dry caddis. I caught my first trout on a chronimoid. Float line w/ 10' leader and cruise around at at 2 mph. Use dries with a twitching motion, twitch-twitch-pause 4 seconds. Good luck!
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    I have had good luck with a silver/od green Zonker pattern. The lake is packed full of sculpins. You can see them by the boat launch when the weather warms by the dozens.

    Chronomids seem to be the favorite out there, although I haven't had luck with them. Red chronies are popular.

    Basically, when the weather warms up, seriously consider using a bait fish imitation and strip it fast in the shallows by structure. :THUMBSUP
  4. Scott Salzer previously micro brew

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    As you can see, it's a mixed bag and I have caught fish on all of the previously suggested flies. This spring, it seemed that the chronies were the most consistent producer. They were fished deep, 20' plus. Next trip, a tan elk hair caddis seemed to be the ticket. I plan to be there tomorrow so a report to follow.
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    Don't just leave him a few bucks, stay at his place. It's a great place to stay and he treats you very well. Get the dinner too. Between dinner and the breakfast he gives you there is no need for lunch. He is a real nice guy. While my wife and I were there a couple months ago he had a few navy guys stop by and ask where they could go fishing in the area. The other lakes weren't open so he set them up with one of his boats, and a set of fly rods and flies. Didn't charge them a thing. After he got back up from the dock he laughed and told me that none of them knew how to row.
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    You're right Derek, that's the best way to support the fishery. That sounds like Larry, helping out. Also a good story. I do recommend the place but I usually travel over from the place on Mason. Need a break from the jets skis & skiers / wake boarders.