California Sierras

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  1. View attachment 41610 My 28 year old daughter has come back to the light. I taught her & her sister to fish years ago; Alaska, then Manzanita Lake, No CA & local Sierra, but it's been about 10 years since she picked up a rod. Life has a way of gettin' in the way; school, marriage, kids, job. Out of the blue, she decided she'd like to accompany the old man. I'm not naming names, but it's not a secret spot. Small lake at 4500'. This years fish are nice! very few with ragged fins, good sized and acrobatic and strong. Heard they were Feather River strain fish, much nicer than the typical.Not as good as a couple weeks ago but 3 in the boat at 16-19", thick and solid and many LDR's. Not particular; buggers or #8-10 BH nymphs were the ticket. View attachment 41603 View attachment 41602 View attachment 41604 Fished a little meadow creek on the way out that I've always looked at but seemed pretty skinny in the past. We've got a ton of snowpack, it got 6" at 4500' here last week and is carrying more water. Daughter wanted to practice casting and it was challenging as the wind was starting to gust. View attachment 41612 Every corner on this water had a nice pocket with an eager riser to a small hopper or stimi, nice browns & brookies, the Park Service stopped stocking in the '70's so I call them natives. Only get one shot at each hole, then on to the next. I hung a hopper on some brush in a bucket and decided not to pop it off. It's one tied by a 90 year-old club member and I've only got a couple left. Besides, you can step across this water in most places and the hopper's just out of reach in a bucket that can't be over knee deep. View attachment 41613 First foot in, all's well. 2nd foot in and it's a bit deeper than expected and feels soft. View attachment 41614
    OH, H#(! there goes the bottom. I can't believe i went in over the top in this creek, water's about 45 at best. Daughters laughing so hard I'm surprised she got these shots. View attachment 41615

    It was good to get my daughter back, if only for a while. Numbers don't matter to me, I'm glad she got some and had a good time. She told me "she got it" and it was good to just get away with me and forget the day-to-day stressors. She did ask me to take her daughter and teach her to fly fish; she's only 2-1/2, so we've got some time. View attachment 41616
  2. Love that little meadow creek. Can't believe it was that deep either. It most hold some surprises if it's that deep in spots.
  3. Outstanding report Robert. Glad to hear the daughter still loves Pop and fishing!
    East side or west side?
  4. Mark, West side. Close.
    Dave, yes it does. Most fish are 6-8". Missed a solid 12" er.
  5. Great report. Hope my girls want to accompany their old man some day!
    Great pics as well.
  6. Always great fun and beautiful country. We went on in at the east side with Rockcreek pack station. and were dropped at about 11'850ft after crossing the 12,000ft Mono pass. The east side offers more shorter entry areas and you reach the dropoff points easier. The west side may take an extra day to reach your drop. and an extra day to get out. I wanted to be on the spot as long as posible. so that gave us an extra weekend and there before we had to get out.
  7. That is living the dream right there. I hope in 21 years my girls still want to hang with the old man and go fly fishing.
  8. East side is great. More like Colorado or Montana. Can get crowded on weekends. It's 400 miles for me to Bishop, the west side is 100 miles or less to trout, albeit not the variety and can be crowded, but I get Fridays off so the day trips can be good. If I'm taking a week or more, I go North or Northeast for solitude and about the same distance. This year is different, with the snowpack we have there will be less access and more run-off to contend with. We could use more of this weather, it's going to help recharge some aquifers that have really been stressed.
  9. Your a blessed man.
    Congrats, looks like both of you had a great time.
    Making memories....that;s what it;s about.

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