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  1. Alex MacDonald

    Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

    You may have read we had a wolf kill in Number 2 Canyon in Wenatchee day-before-yesterday. A wolf was observed near the Wenatchee Rifle & Revolver club, stalking and bringing down a deer. Somebody called the sheriff's office or the Wenatchee cops, (don't recall which) for some weird reason. When the deputy arrived, he found the deer not yet dead, and the wolf nearby. So what's gomer do? He shoots the deer and throws the carcass in the patrol car and hauls it off. WTF??? You'd think people here might have a clue about what goes on outside the city limits, but maybe this guy was from "elsewhere". So the hungry wolf's deprived of it's hard-earned dinner, and is forced to expend more energy on hunting down and killing something else.... Like a neighborhood dog, cat, or small human. The cop gets an "attaboy, dipshit" from me.
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  2. bitterroot

    bitterroot Love vintage graphite!

    Sounds like the real dipshit is the gomer that called the cops in the first place. If this cop had said, "yep, looks like a wolf is killing a deer", got in his car and drove away he'd probably get a complaint for not taking some action. I'm wondering what the caller expected the cop to do. Kill the wolf? Kill the deer? Conduct a memorial service?
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  3. GAT

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    Probably really pissed off the wolf.
  4. Alex MacDonald

    Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

    We've had a bunch of articles in the Wenatchee World about the wolf issue, especially now that there's a pack right outside of town, and it seems there's a few wannabe "natualists" who think they have a real handle on how wolves behave. They base their knowledge on Stauffer's videos or some years of watching Marlon Perkins "have Jim go in to calm Mr. Wolverine down right after the break". The garbage they write in to the paper is absolutely idiotic! I agree with you, Bitterroot; the moron is the one who called in the first place. The cop shoots the deer, which is almost dead anyway, and not posing any threat, then he carts it off, so the wolf's still hungry, and definitely DOES pose a threat. There's lots of people who hike the Saddlerock trail with their dogs and little kids. I hope somebody else's dog or little kid doesn't become lunch, but in the words of the wolf-huggers out on the west side, "hey, that's what wolves do!". For the record, there have been no wolves here for over a hundred years. Their reintroduction constitutes an introduction of an invasive species. Test this: see how you'd feel if there were a move to "reintroduce" a few tyrannosaurus Rex. After all, they were once a part of the landscape too!
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  5. bitterroot

    bitterroot Love vintage graphite!

    Just a guess, but I bet if a cop discharges his weapon to euthanizes a wild animal he is probably required to bring it in to WDFW.
  6. Gary Thompson

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    Ya just can't fix stupid.
    Winter range for the deer and elk in the Wenatchee area is covered with houses.
    So what's a wolf to do?
    Deer in the back yard, wolf in the back yard.
    City folks just don't get it.
  7. Vladimir Steblina

    Vladimir Steblina Retired fishing instead of working

    At least they are not Siberian Tigers......

    As a Russian Forester once told me after asking about predators, snakes and ticks on the Wentachee... "You have gentle forests".

    Here is a way to reduce wolf numbers. Import Siberian Tigers.

    "Tigers depress wolves' numbers, either to the point of localized extinction or to such low numbers as to make them a functionally insignificant component of the ecosystem. "

    Now you can see why the Russian Forester thought we had "gentle forests"
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  8. bitterroot

    bitterroot Love vintage graphite!

    Yep. Horse shit stinks, cows moo, roosters crow and dirt roads will get dust on your Lexus.
    If you're an urbanite and want to live the "country life", get used to it. Don't call the cops to make a noise complaint about the neighbors rooster and don't call the cops when a wolf kills a deer!
  9. Tim Cottage

    Tim Cottage Formerly tbc1415

    Trying to see this from the cop's perspective. He is in a no-win situation. Whatever he does, including doing nothing, will result in outrage from some group or individuals (such as ourselves). He has to respond to the call. He knows he can't touch the wolf as it is not posing a threat to anyone (people, pets or livestock). If he shoots the elk he may very well have to take it to WDFW for disposal especially since there are other people around watching. But he has to do something or he and his department will suffer the consequences. I would commend him at least for recognizing the situation and for all we know (which is nothing) he may very well have called in to HQ to get a determination before acting.

    We of course have all the right answers and would always know just what the "right" thing do is in any situation. It would have been best for all parties involved if the call were never made but it was. It can't be easy being under the intense public scrutiny that cops deal with on a daily basis some but not all of which is well deserved.

  10. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    Does the gun club own a backhoe?
  11. Wilken

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    While I agree with Mr. Macdonald that the cop was an idiot to kill the dying deer and cart it away, I think his analogy to T Rex and the notion that reintroduced wolves are are equivalent to invasive species is complete horseshit. T. Rex is extinct and was not made so by the hands of humans, whereas wolves are not extinct and their local extirpation was a direct result of human activities. That's why there haven't been wolves in your area for 100 years Mr. MacDonald, not because wolves volitionally decided to avoid the area or that it is no longer suitable habitat. People are not trying to force the wolf to do something it doesn't naturally want to do, we are allowing them back in to habitats that they can sustain themselves in as long as humans don't keep them from doing so. Cherry pick much Mr. MacDonald? The landscape that T Rex inhabited no longer exists either and neither do dinasaurs so the analogy is not only poorly conceived but rather juvenile. In addition, comparing a wolf to a massive carnivorous dinasaur, only shows how poorly Mr. MacDonald understands the history of interactions between humans and wolves. It is an extremely rare event for a wolf to bite a human never mind kill one. Please, Mr MacDonald, show me the evidence that indicates wolves are a major threat to human safety, I challenge you!!! When was the last time a wolf killed a human? What? You're mumbling!!! As far as pets go....if you have them leashed and the leash is in your hand, it is highly unlikely wolves would attack them even given the incredibly unlikely event that you encounter a wolf. If you are afraid wolves will attack you or your've got the 2nd amendment to take care of that and, yes, you can legally kill a wolf if you are defending yourself or your pet! So, tell the ranchers to stop whining and get some frigging wolf hounds so the wolves don't get to eat what is going to end up killed and eaten by humans anyway. Ranchers get a good enough deal sucking from the public teet with government grazing fees at tens cents on the dollar value of the feed while their livestock degrade a public resource. They can afford to buy some dogs specificallly bred to keep wolves at bay. Only hypocrites cry about government being the problem while they hold their hand out and demand subsidies from the taxpayer! Maybe we should just deny public grazing rights to ranchers who don't by wolf protection for their livestock?

    Class in session: for a species to be considered invasive, it needs to be inhabiting areas outside of its natural range, making Mr. MacDonalds point seem rather ignorant. It seems like he implies that people have the right to have outdoor experiences that are free from the risk of danger from wildlife. Of course, if you take this idiotic notion to it's endpoint, the result is a planet that is safe for people in all environments and therefore, the extinction of all the tigers, sharks, elephants, bears, wolves, wasps, spiders, moose, waterbuffalo, jellyfish and every other dangerous critter is totally justified, because, hey, some idiot might go there and get killed if we don't kill these darn critters first.

    It is unfortunate when people who have no real knowledge of wildlife biology or basic ecology rattle on when they have no clue what they are talking about. But at least they make it easy to tear their "logic" a new arsehole! And no, unlike Mr. MacDonald, I do not believe all of these clueless blathering fools live in one side of the state. Such ignorance can be found everywhere, which, unfortunately is the reason why animal and plant species are going extinct at a mindboggling rate, across the entire planet.

    My question to the idiots that think wolf extinction or local extirpation is justified: why don' t you say the same thing about the black bear? Black bears have a much more substantial documented history of injuring or killing humans than wolves ever will. Makes you wonder whether these folks have a clue what the word logic means. Kinda reminds me of the cop that killed that dying deer. Maybe the wolf reintroduction naysayers just need something to hate but more likely, they just need something to whine about! Not the type of folks that should be making decisions about wildlife management, that's for sure!!!!!
  12. Vladimir Steblina

    Vladimir Steblina Retired fishing instead of working

    Here is the address of the gun club in Wenatchee: 2800 number 2 Canyon Road, Wenatchee.

    Paste it into Google Earth.
  13. teedub

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    Jeeze Alex, post after post, you really get them to come out. Where is your 'empathy'?
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  14. GAT

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    As long as the wolves can somehow stay away from humans, they have a chance. Otherwise, they'll be shot, legally or not, by humans just as they were when they were killed to the brink of extinction.

    It doesn't seem fair to the wolves to toss them into a situation where farmers and ranchers will kill every wolf they see.

    I'm all for the return of wolves if, like I said, they can manage to avoid man. But if idiots are going to take away their natural prey (deer)... there's a good chance they'll turn to cows -- which if they are cattle that are destroying the riparian zones of rivers because the ranchers won't fence them away from the rivers -- they are welcome to them.

    I can see no way there will not be a conflict between livestock owners and wolves... the trick is to keep them separated... and in the NW, that won't be easy.
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  15. David Loy

    David Loy Senior Moment

    The cop felt obligated to put the deer out of misery. Maybe he dumped it up the road at the wolf cafe, and reported it to WDFW.
    There's likely more to the story.
  16. Flyborg

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    It's OK. Wolf-Unicorn has our back.
  17. Vladimir Steblina

    Vladimir Steblina Retired fishing instead of working

    The conflict is NOT between livestock owners and wolves in the Wenatchee area. That was just where the wolves were first discovered. The issue will be with elk and deer populations for hunters and household pets.

    There are not many cows around Wenatchee.

    Paste that address I posted in Google Earth. That wolf was less than a mile from the city limits and less than three miles from DOWNTOWN Wenatchee. AND he looked perfectly comfortable looking at the Deputy take his picture. When the other Deputy fired at him in Pitcher Canyon he just stood there and looked at him.

    My guess is that as the deer leave the lower elevations the wolves will start moving up to Leavenworth and the higher elevations of the Cascades. Where they will start having encounters with a whole new set of circumstances.
  18. Alex, in another thread you were cheering for human population control. Be consistent, huh?
  19. Alosa

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    Although I agree with 75% of what you tend to post, this is nonesense.
  20. Alex MacDonald

    Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

    What's nonsense; the fact that wolves haven't been here for over 100 years or somebody wants to have Jurassic Park in his backyard?