Callibaetis Mayfly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by dryflylarry, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Ok, this will be a first coordinated swap for me, but this is one of my favorite dry flies. I'm sure this has been done before, but the weather is warming and we'll be using these soon enough. I'll be tying a dry parachute pattern on a 14 or 16. I'm interested in others dry fly patterns, but a few nymphs are fine with me also. Any takers? Deadline of March 15? or suggestions there. 10 to 12 tiers WANTED. REVISED DEADLINE WAS MOVED TO MARCH 22 AND IS FLEXIBLE.

    SIGNUPS ARE CLOSED !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    scottflycst: Quill Body Emerger
    dryflylarry: Parachute (of some kind...)
    cabezon: Biot-bodied Callibaetis Parachute
    Mike Wilson: Bean Bag Emerger
    Wader: Halo Mayfly Emerger
    burci: Nymph
    Nick Riggs: dry (of some kind)
    GUZ808: Nymph (of some kind)
    gigharborflyfisher: Callibaetis quill nymph
    seanengman: Callibaetis spinner
  2. Larry,
    I'm interested but might not be able to make a March 15 deadline. Let's get some more interest and hear from others what a makeable deadline would be. Maybe 3 weeks from the starting gun? Just an idea.
    I love mayfly freckles too. Lotsa good memories from those little critters!
  3. OK. How about March 22 for a deadline?
  4. Larry,
    Sounds good to me. I'm thinking emerger. What's your thoughts on a collection of styles for this swap?
  5. Well, I would like to see maybe the following:

    Someone's Chopaka May style
    Gray Quill style
    Parachute (I'm doing one of these)
    I suspect there could be a couple variations on wing style / body style ie, maybe goose biot body... Maybe looking for a little innovation, but not necessary. Be nice to get a couple of each. ANY TAKERS?
  6. Allright Larry, you've talked me into tying a quill bodied emerger. As a matter of joy, I'll send you a series of Callibaetis from nymph to dun. Colors to reflect the genus found in the clear waters of "the dry side".

    Ya'll better hurry and sign up! There's great topwater action right around the corner.
  7. I'm in with a killer biot-bodied Callibaetis parachute that has consistently produced.

  8. Ok Steve, you're all SIGNED UP. Thanks.

    Larry :thumb:
  9. REVISED DEADLINE WAS MOVED TO MARCH 22, although could be flexible.

    Don't be afraid to sign-up. Anyone is welcome!
  10. I tie a bean bag emerger that I learned to tie while at Chopaka from a game warden. It is a hares ear with a bean bag added to the wing case. It is insane when a callibaetis hatch is comming off. I will tie this in a size 14.
  11. Awesome Mike. You are on the list! Really looking forward to seeing it.

    We still need 6 more fly tying participants. JOIN IN. WHERE ARE YOU? So far we have a good mix of flies. :)
  12. I would love to but between my other swaps, tying for cash, and work March 22 is touch early.
  13. We could possibly extend the deadline to the end of the month if need be to get more tiers. Otherwise, we could each receive 2 flies each from each tier. Just a thought. Shall we give it a few days more?
  14. I'm in. Some sort of dry, not sure yet on the specific pattern.
  15. OK Wader. Thanks, you are on the list. We could use 5 MORE tiers.

  16. i'm in. some nymnph. mine will be real nice, hope they all will be.
  17. Are you excluding me from this on purpose?
  18. I'm going to put you on the list NICK!!
  19. I'm going to put you on the list NICK!! I really apologize. I'M BLIND!
  20. No worries man!

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