Callibaetis Mayfly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by dryflylarry, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Let me get in on this. Not sure what I will tie. possibly a nymph.
  2. OK. We have you committed! Thanks.
  3. I wouldn't mind doing the callibaetis quill nymph for this one.
  4. Terrific! You are on the list gigharborflyfisher. Thanks. One more tier needed to complete 10 signups. WHO'S IT GONNA BE? :thumb:
  5. sign me up for a spinner
  6. OK. Your the man seanengman! That makes 10 tiers everyone. That is probably enough. LET'S GO FOR IT! I will PM with my address a little later like tommorow.
  7. how about tonight so I can ship mine out tomorrow!
  8. OK- I think everyone should have my address that has been sent to them in a PM. Time to TIE, if you haven't started!:thumb:
  9. Or finished...

    Yeah I'm that good.
  10. I will have mine done Saturday night and will mail them on Monday.
  11. In the mail as of 1130. Feels good to be done.
  12. My digital camera pooped out today while fishing for SRC. So, I guess I will have to borrow one to take photos of our masterpieces!

    By the way, I have beached about 30 SRC on three different trips this week with at least 8 fish from 16-17 inches. Been awesome... A new fly I tie called the "Popsicle Stick". :)
  13. Sounds like you have the SRC dialed in:thumb:... my bean bag callibaetis emergers are in the mail. Send me a pm about the "Popsicle Stick" if you care to share. Always looking for a new pattern.
  14. OK----First arrival in the mail from seanengman is the World Famous "Biot Body Callibaetis Spinner". It's a Dandy! Thanks. Think I'll keep them all. hehe. :thumb:
  15. Its in the mail
  16. Those biot bodied flies are the bee's knees man. I just started tying with biot and love it. I have friends that raise peacocks and peahens, so I get lots of feathers. Not to mention the hundreds of turkeys that roll through their yard each day.
  17. You are quite the character seanengman! Too funny. I bet you are a good fly fisherman. Those biot bodied flies are the "bee's knees" for sure.

    OK- Today I received GUZ808's nice little nymph pattern. These are the "Bee's Knees" as well!!! KEEP'UM COMING!!

  18. No, man, I'm not a good fly fisherman... I just wave my stick in the air and look good doing it.
  19. I know the deadline is not until March 22, but you guys might want to hurry up after you see Mike Wilson's "Bean Bag Callibaetis Emergers" I received in the mail tonite. They are superb and look deadly!! Now I need to know how/what Mike ties them. They are great and I bet fish great too. Thanks Mike. I'll send your extra cash back and thanks for the fly! I'll send you a "Popsicle Stick" also. :thumb: And, as seanengman says, "They're the bee's knees"!
  20. I finally found a good use for pantyhose....if you need some bean bags I have a billion. Let me know I will send you some to play with. I am not too sure what a bees knee looks like, but I will take it as a compliment.

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