Callibaetis Mayfly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by dryflylarry, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. UPDATES- My Grizzly Bear Hair-Rib Callibaetis Parachutes are completed!!!

    That means there are 6 more of you ACE FLY TIERS out there to complete your assignment! I'm off chasing steelhead just for the day tommorow at the Hoh. No fishing for you guys....Just Tie! Ha! :p
  2. My emergers are finished and will be wigglin' your way on Monday!
  3. Isn't that what most of us do anyways.

    Well as far as the nymph pattern I sent, I'm not sure what the heck its called:confused:

  4. Scottflycst Emergers came wigglin in today in my mailbox! That's because they ARE ALIVE! Very nice. You will all be quite pleased. Perfecto!

    Can you tell me what the wing case is made of? White dubbing or what? And thanks for the extra complete set. Wow!

    OK. Keep'um coming. DEADLINE is Saturday, but I'll probably be at the Fly Show in Port Townsend. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  5. Larry,
    Wingcase is white CDC pulled over the thorax. I'll send you the recipe. The design is not mine, I saw it somewhere (don't remember) probably in a magazine. When trout are feeding on Callibaetis at or near the surface it's a killer pattern. I've had really good action on E. WA lakes with that style and color.
  6. Thanks for the info Scott. They are great! I bet killer too.

    And speaking of great, another has arrived from burci. His "Poxyback" Callibaetis nymph, and guys, let me tell you it is sweet also. What a good looking nymph again! Dang. I better keep tying to improve...You guys are good. Thanks burci--what a great tie.

    I'm expecting (4) more. GET'TER DONE! Going to chase sea-runs in the morning! :thumb:
  7. I got Wader's flies yesterday. They are a Gary LaFontaine's Halo Mayfly Emerger. They are again superb! A very unique fly that I can't wait to try.

    I am missing 3 tiers flies. TODAY IS THE DEADLINE! You will now turn into a trout! POOF!! Looking forward to seeing the rest. Hope to have them in the mail next week when I receive the others. Good Fishing! :thumb:
  8. Hi folks,

    I've finished my flies this afternoon and will have them in the mail tomorrow or Monday morning on my way to the Yak. I apologize to the swapmeister and the other participants for the delay, but I think that they will be worth the wait.

  9. They'll be in the mail first thing monday morning!
  10. NO WORRIES! FISHING IS MORE IMPORTANT! So keep your priorities straight! Haven't heard from GIGHARBORFLYFISHER I think yet....

  11. Flies are in the mail, finals killed me last week so sorry I am a little late on this one....
  12. My gosh! Why didn't you say so! Finals are MORE IMPORTANT! Take care and hope you did well. My Son is at UW and did the same. :ray1:
  13. OK--I have received Cabezon's "Biot Bodied Callibaetis Parchute" and a "dandy" it is. Think I will keep all of them also. Very sweet! Thanks Cabezon for your contribution! I also received Gigharborflyfisher's. Too bad he had to flunk his college exams to get these very nice nymphs to us!! AND, I HAVE NOT RECEIVED Nick Riggs dry flies as of TODAY! bawling: Hopefully they will be in my mailbox tommorow. I have to finish up photos also tommorow. It has been a little difficult with my little digital but somehow I think I got a few pics. I may have to try a redo tommorow. As soon as we get NICK RIGGS dries in the mail, they will be on there way to you all. :)
  14. I am stoked for the flies from this swap. Too bad my favorite lakes aren't open yet.
  15. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's ideas too. But especially as I'll have enough time to duplicate the most enticing flies. You wouldn't want to use your one-of-a-kind genuine swap flies on trout, would you??? I keep all my swap flies as models for the future. For this reason, it would great if everyone added their recipe for their flies to the pictures that Larry will be posting.

  16. Today is Thursday. I have not received NICK RIGGS flies in the mail today. He has been PM'd....... :eek: :eek: :beathead:
  17. OK. Since I haven't heard from NICK RIGGS, I will probably be sending out flies tommorow afternoon unless I hear from NICK. Any objections??
  18. Nothing in the mail today from Nick Riggs. I will be holding off mailing flies until Monday since the Post Office closes soon. :beathead: I tried to wait... sorry all.
  19. UPDATE! Nick Riggs just PM'd me with apologies. He said he feels like a jackass! Well, that was good enough for me. We are going to accept the "jackasses" flies! So that means you will have to wait possibly until Tuesday for me to receive them???? Then get them to you all in the mail. I told him to get them in tonites mail.... So, I hope you all have patience. I was just sorting them and putting them in envelopes when checked the WFF site with his PM there. It is 5:30 PM at my house and hailing out!
    Any complaints? Check in here. This one's for you NICK...:p Photos have been taken except for Nicks.
  20. :thumb: OK, just got Nick Riggs flies in the mail today. Thank you Nick. They are quite nice CDC Callibaetis pattern. They look killer to me. All the flies should be in the mail sometime in the morning!!! Unless I mess something up. I now will be working on getting the photographs into the Gallery Swap section. I haven't done a set like this before, so we will see how it goes. THANKS EVERYONE FOR A GREAT SWAP and to those that thru me an extra set or two. I had a lot of fun and decided to try one other swap for dragonflies, SO, you might check it out, there is room for a few more signups! :thumb::thumb::thumb:

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