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  1. Let's play detective....

    Procured a big bag of hair. After sorting thru the easily identified bucktails and crap, I'm left with these pieces...


    One (or possibly two) of the following four pieces is definately the odd one out. Can you spot it? Secondly, what would you surmize the other hair is and how would you verify?



  2. Are the three green pieces, front row, top picture - polar bear?

    Oh, BTW- I have my own bag of unidentified hair.... I bet we could play this game for a number of weeks! Your UKN hair looks nicer than mine did :)
  3. That's a fine collection for some bassin' taps bugs

  4. In the top pic there is only two, possible three, different types of hair. All hair that I think is different are represented in the single photos. So in answer to your question, the green hair front row is much like one or two that are pictured singly.
  5. White hair is polar bear, fur looks correct and the skin at the base of the hair appears to be black. It's from the wrong part of the bear (if I recall correctly, the back of the neck was the preferred fur location). I would guess it's a scrap left over from a mount.

    The other chunks could be anything, hard to tell when dyed.

    Pink and Purple look like PB as well, should still be black (or have lots of black patches) at the base, even if dyed. The orange looks to dense to be PB, but from the pix the dyed stuff is kind of hard to ID.

    The more I look, the more the pink stuff looks like PB fur (the patch that was used for wings on skunks, etc.)
  6. Front row left to right facing: Liberacci (spelling?), 2 1/2 year old male mule deer, his younger sister, his younger brother, his younger brother dyed yellow, Don King.

    How'd I do?
  7. Why would you say it is deer hair? What would be the telling characteristic that it is deer hair?
  8. If the fibers of the dyed materials match the fibers of the white material, it's all PB. Deer fibers will be soft, and feel spongy. They can be kinked when pinched, and the tips can probably be torn off with your finger tips. I bet the white material feels very strong, and not spongy (except for the underfur) at all.

    The Orange does look kind of like some dyed deer belly fur I have.
  9. Looks Squatchy.
  10. Just mail it all to me and I will ID it for you :p
  11. Good point. Sasquatch smells bad, does the fur stink?
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  12. It smells like a Squatch as well.
  13. Spin up some Squatchzilla's.

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  14. I'm viewing on my phone so I can't zoom in very well, but the yellow stuff looks like it has hollows where it's been cut. It's too fine for elk, hence deer.

    My next guess would have been various characters from Sesame Street, but I didn't realize we were being graded.

    I'll change my guess and go with the majority.... Definetly Squatch!

  15. I like this. I think it will be the next "big ugly"
  16. It sure looks like Polar Bear. I know a guy who knows a guy that said he has a lot of it in many different colors. Orange is the odd one out. The pink and purple patches appear to have taken the dye like polar bear.
    Most mammals have a variety of distinctly different hair types on their body so one patch of hair can be quite different than the next so there is no wrong part of the bear. It all depends on what qualities you are looking for.
    Not all the hair on a bear has long, thick, translucent guard hairs like your white patch.

  17. we got some slueths on here. Right on.

    The orange hair is the odd one out and is deer belly hair. The one way you can tell besides what David so aptly remarked is to look at a single piece of hair and see if it has that characteristic crinkle that deer hair has.

    All the other hair is indeed polar bear. I was waffling on the white piece only because the hair is so long. David mentioned that it is probably from around the nether regions.

    Not a bad find for $20 eh?
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  18. Absolute steal.
  19. Darned good deal for 20 bucks

  20. Ahem...

    Eric, the Fed's are on thier way to consfiscate your stash and will be sending it to the East side (my place) for proper I.D.

    Sorry.... :cool:
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