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  1. rainbow My name is Mark Oberg

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    Ok, I know its been done but I was just at cosco. An saw some camaras, Olympis 6000. any good?.
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  4. Brian Miller Be vewy vewy qwiet, I'm hunting Cutthwoat Twout

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    I only see the 8000 on the Costco website. Here's the dpreview test results for the waterproof point & shoots. The 6000 tests out better than the 8000 which which was in the basement for most of the tests.

    After a lot of consideration I was finally able to order the Canon D10, spare battery, 2GB mem card, and travel charger with free shipping from Adorama (don't know why not available locally) for less than the 8000 at Costco. Arrives Tues, then headed across the eastside for a week of angling on the 10th. I'll post my own conclusions, and hopefully some fish pix when I return.

    My # 2 choice would have been the Pentax W60 for about $50 cheaper and may be heading for closeout soon.