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  1. im going to take the plunge and get a quality camera. mainly to snap shots while fishing. i want something that can do it all, and do it all well. but primarily outdoor action shots, and some thing that has some serious range. im looking at dropping 600 to 1600 bucks on one, i would prefer the cheaper end of that spectrum but if some one says there is one in high that would suit me,:thumb: i would love to hear about it.
  2. Canon G10. It's not waterproof so keep it in a ziploc or be really careful around water. Otherwise, it's likely gonna be a far better camera than you are a photographer.

  3. I suppose two cameras is out of the question? A nice waterproof point-and-shoot that you can keep handy in your wader pocket and not worry about dunking, and then a nice DSLR that can reside safely inside a waterproof bag in your boat or pack for when you don't need to get to it real quickly? Like rods, can't have just one camera ; )
  4. If you need an SLR, go to and look at what they have in stock for refurbished Canon's. Lots of good deals there and Canon stands behind it's refurbs.

    If you need a waterproof point and shoot for fishing trips, take a look at the Pentax W60 or the Olympus 1030sw. I prefer the Pentax but a bunch of guys here have the Olympus and like it fine. I'd stay away from the new Canon waterproof, it's a bit big/chunky to take fishing. The new panasonic waterproof is nice looking and specs, but I haven't done more than play with the pre-production model at the trade show.
  5. [​IMG]

    with one of these


    im am on an ANTI DSLR bender.
  6. Not me. The new Canon 5DmkII is balls to the wall. ISO 25,000 you say? Hells yes. HD video? Why sure. It's a great camera.

    The Canon G10 is a cool camera, I've got one sitting next to me as I type this that I'm supposed to be writing a review about. But anyone considering one needs to be sure that they don't want a point and shoot or a DSLR instead. The "prosumer" cameras can either be the best of all worlds, or a "jack of all trades, master of none" depending on what you are looking for. They are too big for easy pocketablilty, but aren't as full featured as a real DSLR.
  7. i have a panasonic lumix DMC LX2 it has a killer leica lens and shoots with a 16:9 aspect ratio. killer camera!
    i have my eye on the new pentax w60 its a great camera.
    i have the older w20 and it works great

    in fact, i have a Canon G6 that i'd like to sell.


  8. The LX3 is an even better camera than the already good LX2. I'm absolutely stoked on it. this was my opinion after only a few weeks. I like it even more now:
  9. After determining that my Olympus 500 DSLR was waaay to big, bulky and heavy to pack around while fishing, I bought an Olympus SW 850 (Ithink?) last year....shock proof & waterproof, very small and easy to carry & use. Now if I could just catch some fish to take pictures of it would be even better.....sheeeeesh!! :rolleyes:

  10. Olympus Stylus SW 850 or 1050...really good camera. Waterproof, shockproof, all that great stuff. Quality shots for rugged anglers.
  11. Canon is getting to much press here. I say for the prosumer DSLR to take a look at the Nikon D90. High ISO, live view, video, and the best glass in the biz.
  12. "The best glass" huh? Hmmmm...I don't know about that. Seems like you'd see more "black" lenses at events like this:

    All joking aside, lens quality is about the price you pay for it. Canon/Nikon offer both amazing lenses and pathetic ones. At the high end they are both excellent and worth every penny (if you've got the pennies). If you really want to play in the realm of amazing glass, check out the offerings from Leica or Zeiss. But then we start to get into the world of "test chart" vs "real world" and how important slight MTF graph differences are.

    However, I do agree with Kerry. The Nikon D90 is a quality camera well worth consideration.
  13. If you can wait a few more days, Nikon’s new D5000 is about to be released. Read the NY Times thoughts on the camera here and have some sample photos here.

    Great camera and nicely fits the niche between consumer and pro models.

  14. That NYT article is crap. They are comparing two VASTLY different cameras there. It's like comparing a Ford Ranger and a El Camino and saying "they are both compact trucks". Stupid. One is an interchangeable lens large sensor camera and the other is a small sensor fixed lens "prosumer" camera. ANY large sensor camera is going to wipe the floor with a small sensor camera in terms of image quality, particularly in low-light/high-ISO performance.

    The D5000 is very likely to be a great camera. I played with a pre-production model a few months ago at the PMA tradeshow and it looked plenty good. But the D5000's real competition is the soon to be released Canon T1i, not the small sensor SX1 IS.
  15. Canon had the "pro" market in its pocket for quite some time after the move to digital. I wonder how many of those white lenses are a result of previous large investments in the Canon system and if given the opportunity some might switch to black if that investment wasn't there. Anyway, I was trolling for you Josh. I knew you would not let my comment "best glass" go by. I also know you have far more experience in this than I do and thank you for the thumbs up on the D90.
  16. I tried to carry a camera with me. But after I catch a fish I let it go. Then I remember I had a camera with me. But I really don't like to take shots of fish by my lonesome. To much fumbling around to do a good shot. I tried a couple with a camera phone but I end up cutting part of the fish off.

    So I just try to remember how the fish looked instead of having it pose for me.

  17. now if only you could remember!
  18. Pentax Optio W30 works great for me, is waterproof and takes good fish and river scene pics. I used to lug a Nikon F100 and some fast glass in a dry bag and it was such a pain to access I took few pics that I should have because I don't like to interrupt my fishing.
  19. THANKS A TON for all the input! it looks like i really have my work cut out for me. i really appreciate all the posts.

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