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  1. Hey Josh, a different view of the Olympic photogs. This one shows more Nikon shooters than Canon. Wonder what happened there?
  2. have an Olympus E-410 with two lenses that is a very compact SLR that produces great high resolution photos. It has all of the bells ans whistles that I'll ever need. I had a point-and-shoot Olympus spashproof for several years but gave it a friend. My wife Carol uses an Olympus poin-and-shoot splash proof that does a good job as well.
    I am considering a compact digital waterproof camera to carry while on the river, or sticking underwater over the gunwale of a boat for pictures. I am hsestant to carry the E-410 in such situations.
    Cameras have gotten so good and are advancing in technology so rapidly that probably half of the ones mentioned on this thread are already obsolete.
  3. Yeah, I saw that one as well, but obviously picked the one that made my joke better.

    In all truthfulness, the "white lens" dominance at sporting events started to wain a few years back when Nikon finally got it's butt in gear to offer high fps digital bodies, IS/VR lenses, lenses with focusing motors, and full frame DSLR's. I would bet ther there are still more pro sports guys using Canon than Nikon, but the difference is probably much less than before.
  4. I got a Pentax Optio W30 a couple years ago. It takes nice shots and is waterproof but apparently NOT shockproof. Because of that, 1/3 of the viewing screen is broken and doesn't show, so its sometimes a pain to take pics. I'm not a photographer at all so I might not know what exactly you're looking for.
  5. The D3 was indeed a big turning point, combined with the 1Dm3 focusing issues. VR in the long lenses hasn't hurt, that's for sure. But yes, I think there are still a lot more canon shooters than Nikon.

    Canon's f4 glass is something Nikon still hasn't matched. (Sigh.)

    That said, I think the majority of Nikon's low-end lenses out-perform the canon's low-end lenses. (I'm think particularly of the lenses aimed at the DX/APS-C cameras.) Canon's budget lenses can be real turds, IMO. If you're willing to buy up into the L series then Canon has some fine glass to offer. And more options too.
  6. I carry my Canon Rebel XSI everywhere I go. For now I use the kit lense which sucks but with finally getting back to work my new F4 lense will finally come off of lay away. I have a tamarac backpack for it which holds the camera and lenses in the bottom with accessories in a pocket on the front bottom of the bag. I don't pack much when I carry my flies so the upper back is big enough to carry my leaders, license, knives, forceps, scissors, camera manual, 1 Scientific Angler medium size nymph box loaded with flies and a large Scientific Angler Steamer boxes that cant possibly hold another fly ( I know broke the clip closing it :rofl:), and several pens. Also has 2 water bottle pockets on the side. For the most part the camera isn't the bad for lugging around considering it has a smaller frame than any Nikon DSLR. you can get into one for around $500-700 depending where you shop and it will hang with all the top camera's out there. I would seriously go to a photography shop before buying and take photo's with everything they have before buying though. I was a long time Nikon user but found the smaller body a lot nicer to use with my activities plus my girl friend has very small hands and loves it.
  7. Gotta disagree with any Canon G10 props. Canon has their heads up their marketing asses with that camera, IMO. It's too bad really as the functionality of it is great, but the glass is slow, the MPixel's way too much for it's small sensor resulting in poor performance beyond ISO 200, worthless beyond 400. Bought and returned. Somehow get the glass to f2-2.8, slap a 2/3 CMOS in, lower the MP to 10M from 14.8MP, and it'll be a good performer. Been waiting on that for too long though, and Canon seams to know better than to change, so...

    Thinking pretty seriously about that Lumix LX3 but but naturally being around water constantly and it not having a threaded lense for a polarizer filter it'll be a hard sell.

    No budget for the 5mkII unfortunately, or the glass I'd want with it, but that's a nifty DSLR.
  8. That has been the case with the "G" series for some time now. They sell a boatload of them. I have come to the conclusion that those of us who want high iso performance and fast glass are in the minority as far as this class of camera goes.

    There are some price/size/technical limitations that make some of that pretty unlikely.

    Both panasonic and Lensmate make filter/accessory-lens adapters for the LX3. I think the Panasonic one is the DMW-LA4, but you should check on that. They are essentially the same type of thing that the Canon G series uses for filters. Kind of bulky, but they work.

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