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  1. Bob, you used my camera the other day right? Olympus Stylus 850SW (submersible... saltwater just fine and dandy, just rinse in fresh with your other gear) - 8.0 megapixels, 3x optical zoom, supermacro with LED takes great fly shots, and it does great out fishing since it fits easily in a vest pocket. Oh, and it was very inexpensive, let's see here... couple hundred bucks, think it was on sale I don't remember paying that much. :hmmm:
  2. Perhaps there are really only two signficant difference between the Olympus and the Pentax waterproof cameras. The Olympus can take a 5 ft drop onto a hard surface, while the Pentax can't. The Pentax video is limited only by available memory, while the Olympus makes only 15 second clips. Since I've been wanting to video fish releases, I went with the Pentax.

    --Dave E.
  3. In a nutshell, the most important point Josh made is the engineering difficulties in building these cameras will certainly limit their ability to take great pictures.

    Hey Jergens, if you want an awesome waterproof setup there is a great option already that I have tried but it is a bit bulky for hike fishing, fine for float fishing. I am going to sell my Canon G9 case called the WC-21. The case fits the G9 and goes down to 130 feet no problem. It takes INCREDIBLE pictures in or out of the water because the G9 is a great camera. The main reason I don't like it is that the damn thing is big and heavy. If you primarily float and want pro photos for something like a fishing magazine, I think this is the way to go. If like me, you hike 10 miles on a PNW river several days a week, you want something like the P&S offerings.
  4. wow, I was so busy enjoying the fishing I didn't note the brand/model.
    For just a little more, I can get a stylus tough, which I can (and will) sit on, drop, take for a swim, etc. I think it has a 3.6 zoom too, image stabilization, and the controls seem easy to use, right up my alley. I noted a thread several months back about cameras but I had some unanswered questions.
    there's so much to know about some things:eek:that I don't know.
  5. You're absolutely right my opinion is completely related to the difficulties of building a WP camera not the quality of the product.

    So you don't think that any knowledge of building high quality optics transcends down to the companies lower end models?

    What I actually said was "The quality of camera that you are gonna get from Panasonic or Canon trumps the fact that Pentax and Olympus have been making waterproof cameras longer." No where did I say that the quality was better, but rather that quality is more important then how long a company has been making a product.

    I never said they were the final authority in all things digital photography but rather that they are "worth checking out"

    While how a camera performs and ease of use are extremely important the reviews done at eliminate all variables except for the camera. To me this is the only true way to compare anything.

    To me, your opinion is worth something as it should be to everyone else on the board. You have an impressive list of clients and clearly spend a lot of time looking at cameras and taking pictures.

    I guess what I'm trying to say out off all of this is that up to this point I have not been impressed by the WP cameras that are currently available, so I hope that these new cameras can produce a high quality picture while still being WP.
  6. I have actually sold an image or three... I use Canon lenses and have a bunch of very good ones... Most of the ones you see on the sidelines at NFL games, actually... And some other white ones and black ones. My camera pack for a normal day fishing weighs 40# and pack it every time. (Lowepro waterproof bag is incredible!)

    I have Canon, Pentax and Olympus P&S cameras and have used them for quite some time...

    You could not give me a Panasonic or SONY camera (buying a camera? Buy it from a CAMERA manufacturer!)

    Canon P&S cameras led the way for quite a while outside, but their lack of water tightness is hurting them. They are not really much different from the Olympus or the Pentax in IQ.

    The first Olympus waterproof was better than the first Pentax, based on returns to dealers for problems. Most of the real differences were in the user-friendly areas. The Pentax of a couple years ago had improved things enough to outpace the Olympus, but the latest Olympus is easier to use, same-same on IQ, slightly more user-friendly, tougher and has fewer returns than the Pentax.

    None of the camera makers use particularly good glass in their P&S lines. It may be Leica or Nikon or Zeiss glass, but it will not have the quality found in better DSLR lenses from the better makers. There will be more variability within a given model with them, but nothing like as much as 20 years ago.

    I have had three P&S Olympus failures, two Pentax and four Canon failures. Time spent with each is probably 60:10:30 respectively. One Olympus, both Pentax and one Canon failures were electronic, unexplained. One Canon and one Olympus died a horrible death when dropped in water while open. The last Olympus failure was a focusing failure and they replaced a much older camera with the latest and greatest at no cost to me... The last two Canon failures were related to cards not writing, but they were camera failures.

    More than once I have gotten water inside an Olympus, dried it by warming it in an airy place and got away with it. I find the Olympus ridiculously tough. I currently have an 850SW. My son has a 790. I have had the 720, 750 and 790.

    Cameraland in NY City is where I buy all my gear these days and have had fantastic service from them on everything. Invited one of the owners up three years ago to go fishing after having bought cameras, lenses, binocs, a couple Laser range finders and spotting scopes from them over the span of quite a few years now. The "Fourth Annual Once In a Lifetime Fishing Trip" is scheduled for this coming July... Talk to Doug. I posted his picture holding a yelloweye in Powder Monkey's thread tonight.
  7. Been interested in getting a tough point and shoot for this exact reason. My Nikon D300 is a little too much to bring along, plus dropping it is not a risk I am ready to take.

    I work for a canon dealer so I can get a good price on the new water proof canon P&S. Might just buy it and do some testing and tell you guys how it holds up.
  8. I'll chime in here. I do photography for a living, but I won't mention what brand I use. I'll says this: from what I've seen of Oly and Pentax image quality, it would tough for Panasonic or Canon (and Fuji) to do worse.

    The problems I had with the Pentax weren't physical-body related; they were noisey images and ridiculous battery life.

    Model-in, Model out, the best p-n-s maker out there is Canon. Camera after camera are solid in functions and features, image quality, and price. Other manufactures make good and sometimes great cameras--if a little niche oriented, which is fine--but if I had to buy on brand alone, it wouldn't be a question. (Remember, talking about compact cameras here.) I can't wait to see what they're doing with the D10, though the 3x zoom not-wide zoom is impressively ho-hum.

    Panasonic is offering HD videos their camera, if you care about that kind of thing.

    Personally I won't buy a pentax again. I almost went for the Oly 1030, but was waiting for the price to drop a little. Then they replaced it and jacked up the price, and now the flood (ha ha) of other makers is upon us. I'm just hoping one of them makes a camera that takes pictures that don't look like watercolor paintings. That would great.
  9. OK, the deal has been done.

    I got an Olympus stylus 1030 SW. put an 8 GB card in it.
    It's one of the Tough series. 10.1 megapixel resolution, takes movies (underwater too)

    waterproof to 33 ft, shockproof to a drop height of 6.6 ft, freeze proof to 14 degrees, and crushproof to 220 lb. sounds like an average day of winter steelheading:rofl: too bad it's not drunkproof or dumbass proof.

    thanks for the input everybody, will post some pix when I get out again.
  10. After dunking two cameras, I too am looking for one, but somewhat inexpensive. I see Costco has the Olympus 1050SW waterproof for $199. I have owned Fuji Cameras previously. They seem to focus the fastest with hardly a hesitation. Is the 1050SW a decent camera for the price? Thanks pals.
  11. Got it.
  12. Kick ass camera..And that price is GREAT..


  13. I just got the Canon SD790, and its really great. Its a 10 mp, but the zoom is only 4x i think.

    Havent brought to the water yet, so we'll see how it does!

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