Camp Chef Sport Utility Stove

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Greg Smith, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. You have a PM
  2. Wow, that stove is in mint shape for being older. Great price for it too.
  3. Does the reel come with it?? :)
  4. Dang, I should have been online at lunch.
  5. LOL Ed. They don't make this stove anymore. But they do have the Everest. Its similar to this BTU wise but smaller framed and lighter. Almost same price I think (about $120).
  6. Spent time with Derek Young and he had a nice fire box. Been thinking about one for a while. If not a fire box, then a nice stove that would work on multiple day trips should be in my sights.
  7. I used to have a couple fireboxes, only because back then you wanted as little weight as possible on multiday rafting trips. So we used those alot. Start a quick fire and transfered coals into the box. Mine had a grate that fit down nicely (and adjustable height too) so could do a mixture of searing and then raise to let cook through.

    I do prefer propane nowadays (well, I should say for well over 15 years now). Fast, effecient, no mess or extinguising afterwards. Fire up and go. Quick cool down. Tons of good stoves out there to play with. I gave one of my soldiers my old stove I used in my driftboat for years. Ran off small propane bottles. VERY small, lightweight, and cooked well.
  8. jet boil and dehydrated indian food homie. That leaves more time for fishin!
  9. Jerry, great imput. I do have a propane stove. Just thinking the firebox grill might be a good option

    Jesse, my trips are often NOT about me and more fishing time. Much more about a bit of fishing and the little ladies' comfort. You'll figure that out someday. Maybe soon. I already have a comprehensive jet boil kit.

  10. I am lucky buyer.

    I'll sell to you for $175 if interested:rofl:
  11. That is just wrong! I'll pass.
  12. Not a problem Ed. And I agree, I used to use a small stove when it was simply me or a buddy fishing. Alot of times now, I have a troop LITERALLY with me. So nice to be able to pull out a stove and cook a big meal that a jet boil just can't do. :)
  13. Totally agree and understand Jerry. I'm on a much lower scale than your normal troop, although mine now is officially a girl scout troop! Might be floating with that troop this summer. I may need two stoves!
  14. I may be selling off my old stuff to buy new. Will let you know. Here's how I roll on the river.........
  15. The bulldog is a nice touch! :) Looks like a fabulous day on the water!!
  16. That's Herc. One of my soldiers dogs from Project Healing Waters. Was a trip down the Satsop two years ago in October. We got a nice day out. Had planned a streamside meal of roasted corn and fried oysters. Add some beer and it was a great meal. :)
  17. Herc and Joe make for good company!
  18. Wow, roasted corn, fried oysters and beer. That's golden anytime, but streamside it sounds heavenly!!
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