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  1. I just picked up this little Optimus Terra Kettle for use with the 99. It's only .7 Liters, but that's enough for a couple cups of tea or a freeze dried meal.
    I put a can of finely handcrafted brew in the photo for scale.
  2. I still have and use mine. Not as good as anything made now. The butane burns at a lower temp. Takes 10mins. to boil a pint or more.
  3. Ive, I also have an old Bleuet stove, the old 'puncture' one that you can't remove the cartridge from until empty. Actually, I think I might have 2 Gaz stoves; one called the Globe Trotter just came to mind and it came with a storage box/cook set.

    Lonnie, I also apparently have a stove 'problem', LOL. In addition to the Gaz stoves, there is an old Optimus, 2-3 MSR's, 2 couple of Ti ones (Snowpeak, Kovea), Jetboil, a Primus or two, some home-made alcohol ones, a couple cheapy single burners, plus the 2 burner ones...
  4. Ha! Why does this NOT surprise me!!!!!:D:p
  5. My neighbors want me to join them and have a garage sale this month. At first, I thought it was a great idea - but then I realized that I'd actually have to sell something, LOL! :(
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  6. I refuse to comment about how many stoves I have, but in my defense I have slowed down my acquisition rate considerably. Anyway, here is a picture of two favorite Coleman stoves both in working order. They burn kerosene and probably date to the 1940's. photo.jpg The one on the left is a made in Canada Coleman and the one on the right is a US model.
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  7. I do, Ive, and I believe you're correct about the butane. I even have a few of those old canisters floating around. Maybe it really IS time to go through the junk and offload some!!!
  8. I hate to open another can of worms, but don't forget the lanterns.
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  9. I was actually hoping someone would open that can of worms! Bring on the lanterns!!!!!
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  10. I kinda like the lantern that fits on the same butane cartridge as the bluet stove. It's just about light enough to use for backpacking.
  11. Well, I downed that Bud Light and I took the empty can and made this little alcohol burning stove. It will boil 16 oz. of water in about 6.5 min, weighs almost nothing and uses little fuel. The yellow flames go away as soon as a pot is set on it, making it kind of like a pressure stove.
  12. And speaking of lanterns....I also got carried away with Coleman lanterns, but again, I sold 'em all off and only kept my favorite...this 242C made in 1950.
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  13. Wow Bitterroot, that's a sweet-looking lantern! Is the base chrome?
  14. Thanks! It's nickel plated.
  15. I love the jetboil system: but the MSR Pocket Rocket is an amazing piece of culinary technology too......packs up super small, always with me when I'm outdoors. And cheap! :)

    Update: Just bought a small alcohol stove for fun. Paired it up with a sterno for even more fun
    (huge cooking area plus wind protection). Threw my old trusty jetboil on it.

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