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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by cut lover, Jun 30, 2002.

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    Iam planning on making a trip to the methow later this week and heard rumors about campbell lake. Any information on campbell lake or other lakes in the methow, patterns or techniques.
    Thanks Andrew
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    Fish till ya drop.
    Then suck it up
    and fish the evening hatch.

    Campbell Lake is open now to C&R fishing only. I have fished it years past many times but don't anymore. It sometimes has a very few larger carryovers but there are so dang many planters in the lake you will have trouble catching anything over about 10-11" this time of year. It's not much fun unless you just want to sharpen your reflexes catching and releasing small trout all day. Same can be said for Davis lake nearby. Watch out for Rattlers too. Bad area for them around Campbell. The Lake opens to catch and keep on Sept.1 and by then the planters are usually around 12" and numerous.
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    Just returned from Winthrop. Talked to Kevin at the Mazama Fly Shop and he recommended Campbell. Didn't fish it, but all the lakes seemed to be fishing well, mostly for stockers. We hit a no-name lake off of Twisp River Road out of Twisp that had a great Pale Evening Dun hatch at about 8:00 pm until dark. During the day, dragonfly nymphs were working. Mazama flyshop doesn't open again until Thursday. I'd recommend a stop there on your way. Give us a report if you fish Campbell.