Camping along Yakima River??

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  1. Looking for nice place to camp along the Yakima river?

    I researched and found that the better places to fly fish were between Easton and Ellensburg, so I'm looking for something in that stretch.

    I've found a few choices but I'm not too thrilled about hearing a freeway or being shaded by a gigantic 5th wheel or RV. :)

    Anything helps!
  2. Craig, there are a few places along the way. If you drive down the canyon (from Hwy 90 take main Ellensburg exit and head south). You'll find a couple DNR campgrounds on the river heading towards Reds (and I think there are a couple others after Red's too). If you need a point of reference on where I'm talking about find Red's Fly Shop's address and go from there (you can also rent the tent cabins at Red's, right on the river, but next to the boat launch, but always a great stay for us when we head up there).
  3. One of things I don't like about the Yak is the camping. It always feels to close to to many people for my taste. I havnt checked out the spots Jerry just posted though, i would go with that!
  4. Here is the Washington Trails Association site on campgrounds in the Yakima Canyon area. The BLM sites are cheap and right on the river.

    For some reason, the BLM website is down all this weekend. God, I hope it is not another Federal judge bringing it down!!
  5. Hi CraigR5184,
    Have you considered quilomene area for camping?
    We have planned 2 days trip to the quilomene area and we had a great fun there.
  6. For one, camping at Easton State Campground is spendy with too many screaming kids, it is a last choice on my list. Like the other people said Canyon road is about all I've heard of. My bf and I have camped at Umtanum befor. It was an interesting experiance. Very hot with little shade and interesting people. It's a good price though. Still wishing to find that awesome camping spot on the Yakima myself!! Good Luck!

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