Camping and fishing the sky??

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  1. Looking for info on camping this weekend and would like to camp somewhere where I can also fish for pinks. I know the sky is getting good numbers right now. If I camp at wallace falls state park, will I be to high up on the sky? Anyone have any other suggestions?? Maybe the snohomish?
  2. Nothing on the lower river I can think of. Most of the campgrounds are up hwy 2 more.

    You might try to blend in with the homeless folks camping under\near the Ben Howard launch. Saw a few set up on both sides of the river there last night.
  3. Are the majority of the fish still on the lower river??
  4. No, they are thick at least to Sultan and probably clear up to the falls. Just keep in mind the farther up they go the more 'ripe' they are going to be...

    PS - when I say 'thick', I mean as in hundreds of thousands...
  5. As of yesterday, yes the bulk of them were lower in the river but it's raining right now so who knows.
  6. I appreciate the info. I have never fished the sky, I think I have only driven by it once.
  7. When I floated yesterday, there were more fish in the sultan area than in the Monroe area. And they were moving fast. But they were everywhere, just thicker around Sultan. At times, the bottom appeared to be carpeted with non stop humpys in the entire run. Often just beyond the casting rangee of the guys working for them on the bank thinking there were no fish around.

    Your timing should be good. I'd say this weekend and this coming week are the prime times for trying for anything 'fresh'. But in a week or less, most will start getting humped out, dark, and sitting on their spawning beds\redds. Freshies will show up, but the river will be so packed with the old ones, it will be hard to get past them. In fact, in 2 weeks, the entire river will essentially be a giant redd. And in 3-4 weeks, the banks will start filling with rotting humpies. Just in time for silvers to show up :)
  8. Nice! Have you seen any cutthroat yet?
  9. I saw lots of trouty looking fish - and some nice ones jumping at some kind of hatch (ant like bugs all over the place with clear wings and small black squishy bodies). But never hooked any to tell if they were steelhead smolt or cutties. I did see a few dollies\bulls as I looked down into the water. One was about 9 inches, the other about 18. Once the redds are formed and pinks are dropping eggs, should be able to sight fish for dollies\bulls with egg patterns.

    It was pretty cool to float over that many freshly arriving humpies. Each riffle had 100+ that had just moved up and were resting at the top before moving on. They have amazingly good camo. Even with polarized glasses, if there was any surface chop, they'd just about dissappear. I got used to spotting them based on a different color of blue agains the natural green of the water (in my glasses at least). Sometimes you doubted if they were actually fish, because it would mean there had to be thousands of them, but when you got a closer look, sure enough, it would be humpies just cruising along, holding tight to the bottom.
  10. If you're going to fish for pinks, I suggest you stay low in the river; the numbers are greater and they are not so used up- also most of them tend to spawn low in the system- though there are some fish all the way to the forks and beyond. There is no camping at Wallace Falls, and really no decent camping options anywhere below the forks. And the forest and other roads that spur off above High bridge are very lawless, trashy areas with some particularly sketchy people- squatters and meth labs and the like. Not a very good camping experience, I wouldn't think.
  11. iagree Ditto with regards to your warning... I was fishing the upper part of the Sky this weekend not far from my vacation place. There were lots of fish but no takes. I know I'm not the best of fishers, but I didn't get a single strike. (I've caught steelhead and salmon on previous years, but no luck this time.)
    I used a pink fly. The fish just rolled and leaped all around me. Can anyone suggest something different? I'm open to any advice... :D
  12. Lower or higher - i find the fish to be consistently inconnsistent. But if you think pinks are bad, wait for the silvers...

    But in my experience, the type of water, the design of the fly, and the retrieve are often critical in catching the pinks. At times, it seems like anything will work and it can really boost your fishing ego, then suddenly, you can't buy a bite doing the exact same things. But there are a few things you can do to help keep things going:

    1) change flies. Make drastic changes in size and\or color.
    2) slow down the retreive.
    3) fish the deeper pools where fish are visiblely rolling\jumping
    4) fish a fly that is designed to swim with a jigging action - rise when stripped in, fall when you pause. Clousers and comets will work. When nothing else is working, my go to \ confidence fly is a cerise marabou (palamored sp?) and dumbell eyes fished off a 10 foot leader and full floating line. Nothing fancy, but the action of the marabou in slow water is very enticing, and the rising and falling of the fly via the dumbells really drives them nuts.
    5) angle of attack... I have best results casting just up and accross. Up more depending on how deep it is. Then count down (5 to 20 seconds depending on the water and the fly) and do a strip-strip, pause for 5 seconds, strip-strip, etc. In the right water, you can hook fish all day this way. And they are aggressive takes. Good choice of water is your first priority for consistent action.

    I see too many guys fishing 'steelhead water' and using 'steelhead techniques', and getting frustrated because they can't catch many humpies (and watching schools of them swim past, under, and around them).

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