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    My wife, son and I are avid outdoors people and we love to camp and fish. I have been looking for some out of the way spots that are either served via ORV trails or primitive trails that we could access with our Jeep.

    I did find a couple of campsites that are kind of out of the way that would allow us to camp near a river that would afford us the opportunity to 'drown a worm' for some fish. Moss Creek on the Little White Salmon River and Twin Falls campgrounds on the Lewis River (both in the GPNF) but, I cannot tell how much use they get so, if anyone is familiar with them or any other sites like that, I'd be much obliged!

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    Wait....what? worms???
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    Nice jeep. Here's mine: IMGP1629.jpg IMGP1653.jpg In low gear, it crawls like a worm.
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