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    Can anyone reccomend a good camping/backpacking hammock to sleep in. Preferably with some type of rain cover (although I'm sure I could improvise one myself as well). A lot of places I've been recently I've found it would be a lot easier to find 2 trees close together than a spot big enough to set up a tent.

    Thanks for any info!
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    I have 2 Hennessey Hammocks and they are awesome. I also have several ones of other brands but the Hennessey's are my favorites. They are cut asymmetrically so you lie nearly flat in them. With integrated mosquito netting and a removable rain fly, you can use it in all conditions.

    There are a lot of people into hammock camping and there is a forum with some great info and many different opinions on hammocks:
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    check out practical backpacking forum. lots there under hammocks:)
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    i have a hennesy hammock (ultralight backpacker) and it is awesome.
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    Thanks for all the tips! I really didn't know you could get so carried away with hammocks until I checked out some of these links... I just ordered a Grand Trunk Ultralight to try out. Seems like an inexpensive way to get into it and it was fairly highly rated by the folks at the hammock forum. Can't wait to get out and try it! What kind of insulation are you guys using for this time of year?