Camping close enough to Carnation and Monroe

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  1. So with "A Day on the River" from 9-Noon Satruday, the Orvis free clinic at 1 and AATF's sunday casting group I'm looking for a place to drop the family camping so I can attend one, two or all of the above. Any suggestions? My kids are 3 and 4 1/2 so they need someplace pretty flat and fun to play. The misses will entertain them for a few hours while I'm out getting embarassed and schooled. We're pretty restricted to car camping with our tents or a pop up, depending on site configuration and availability.

  2. In Carnation where Aaron holds his Saturday clinic, there is a park next door on the river with camping - MacDonald Park. Couldn't be much more convenient as your family can watch you get embarassed and schooled.


  3. :eek:Dang Leland, and I thought we hit it off well yesterday! Maybe not that close, my two young daughters see me as some invincible mythic figure. You know, that guy who always fixes things they break, the one who "goes fishing" comes back with a "humongous" 4-6 pound silver. Now they will see me flounder, that will be like learning Santa Claus does not exist.

    I'll look up MacDonald Park, if I can pull it off I'll get an outing trifecta this weekend. Thanks.
  4. If you stay at McDonald Park, they have Yurts you can rent over night.
    If you want to put a little distance between you and yours, Fall City has a campground
    right above the confluence with the Raging. Nice gravel bar out there the kids could play around on, and Carnation is only 10 minutes away.

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