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    My wife & I talked about possibly going camping over this upcoming weekend. I would like to go somewhere I could get in some fishing (prefer a river or stream). I was thinking Icicle Creek area would be good, but we've been there several times & I wouldn't mind checking out somewhere new to us either. Just wondering if anyone knows any other areas they like to camp & fish.

    My wife isn't in to fishing as much as I am, so this isn't a 'fishing trip' exactly. More of a camping trip with some fishing squeezed in (hopefully the fishing would be near the campground). Also, we would probably like to keep the driving to 2 hours or less (from Everett area).

    Hmm, as I'm typing this I realize I better check the regs on Icicle. I can't recall off the top of my head when that river closes.

    Thanks all!

    Edit: Just checked the regs, Icicle is open until the end of October so that's still an option.
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    How'd the trip go? A buddy and I are trying to plan out an overnight hike + fish in a couple weekends. Ideally want a 4'ish mile hike in with either lake (no float tube) or river fishing.

    Thanks, Ry-Mo
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    yeah that looks like SEO keyword planting to me..
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    Well said.
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    It was a "bot". Machine driven posts of bullshit and spam. The signature link is the spam. I'll find and fill the security gap as soon as I can.