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  1. I was thinking of doing a canoe in camping trip in Potholes and wondered if anyone had any advice. We were thinking of putting in at Potholes state park and then paddling up into the islands (see attachment). It'd just be over the weekend. Can you just camp wherever? Or are there rules on that?

    TIA, Mark

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  2. Check the wind before you come over. It's legal to camp on the islands.
  3. The islands offer some good to good bass fishing. I've never fished them myself, but I have a friend that fishes them out of his Nascar bass boat and catches nice fish back there.
    As far as trout, right of the state park can be excellent. The fish are attracted to the flow from Frenchmen's Wasteway. Myself and several other board member have done well throwing brown leeches to some nice size bows in March.
    I'd stay at the St Park if you don't feel like camping out on the islands. Might want to check about site availability.
    MarDon offers camping as well and the fishing can be good in front of it and along the face of the dam.
    Hope this helps,
  4. I'm not sure about the camping but for canoeing you should give the Hutchinson-Shiner chain of lakes a good look. These are canoe-friendly lakes with no gas powered boats allowed. In addition there is some of the best spiny ray fly fishing around available on those lakes. You could call the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge in Othello to check on the camping.

  5. The little bit of googling i've done indicates that Hutchinson-Shiner don't allow any camping. At least around the lake. But great suggestion for just a paddle, can't wait to hit it up!
  6. Is there a good reason not to camp out on the islands? Wind?
  7. anchor your canoe good to keep it from blowing off. You'd be stranded on an island. I did not read this tidbit of news in a blog. Wind can roll a canoe off an island even if it's not in the water.

    There's usually a bit of wind here in the Spring so hopefully your canoe has a good keel on it, and you have a person for weight in the front of the canoe.
  8. Wind is the only reason I can think of. Potholes isn't a wind friendly place, so if you camp back there and the wind comes up getting back to the park won't might not be much fun.
    The other camping options I gave you are just that, options.
    Someone told me once you can also access islands by coming in the back way off of Dodson. I've never done it but perhaps Zen can help you with his local knowledge of that possibility.
    There are also tons of canoe friendly lakes to explore back in the Seeps if you are looking for options. Camping is available there as well.
  9. You can explore the islands from that direction but some of the wasteways have a stiff current you'd have to paddle against to get back to your vehicle. There's a free launch between MarDons and the State Park. You need the pass that came with your fishing license.
  10. Actually we were hoping to stay at the statepark on friday night and put in there, but I didn't think about if it's ok to leave a vehicle there, thoughts?
  11. I'm totally out of the loop. What are spiny rays?
  12. Bass, perch, panfish and the like.
  13. Thanx.
  14. Hutchinson doesn't open until April 1, so if you're thinking this weekend it's a no-go.
  15. Be very careful if you come in from the north. Lot's of let's just say extra curricular gang activity !!!
  16. The dunes are awesome, but are better fishing when the largemouth are topwater oriented. I expect this time of year you'll be doing alot more sightseeing in that area than catching fish. But like others stated, you find an in or outflow you might find trout.
  17. Shiner lake pig...

    Picture21 008.jpg
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  18. Good stuff, Tyler! You get that on fly or gear? I've had fairly good luck finding those on my spinning gear, but not as much on the fly.

    Getting really antsy for warmwater fishing season...
  19. need to know which weebed and rock you were standing thanks!
  20. On the fly. It's a great popper lake

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