Camping near skykomish?

Discussion in 'Camping, Hiking, Cooking' started by Greg Price, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. Greg Price

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    I was thinking of floating the Sky from Sultan to Ben Howard. My family wants to camp, so we are considering combining a day of camping with a day of floating.

    Are there any public or private campgrounds near that we can pitch a tent and is family friendly with hot showers?

  2. Matt Burke

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    The closest is Money Creek campground. Almost better to just rent a cheap room there in Sultan or Monroe. Thunderbird is between Sultan and Monroe, but it's a time share and I don't know what group they are.
  3. knothead

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    Thunderbird is Thousand Trails. Call them they might have some kind of introductory offer.
  4. rivlak

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    Wallace Falls is also available. Check them out at Washington State Parks. I believe it is only $17 a night for a campsite. It is located about 2.5 Miles NE of Goldbar. Head up HW 2 to Goldbar and look for the signs.
  5. Matt Burke

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    OPPS! Forgot about that one.
  6. Old Man

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    Whats all the yelling about???????????????????????????????
  7. Matt Burke

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    He started it!
  8. Greg Price

    Greg Price Love da little fishies

    Thanks guys,

    I will follow up on both leads.

    I have ridden my bicycle past Thousand Trails on my shuttle from Ben Howard (takeout) to Sultan (put in) but I could not remember that name of the private campground.

    I have hiked at the Wallace Falls State Park, but did not realize that camping is allowed at the park.

    Thanks again. :thumb:
  9. papafsh

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  10. Vicr

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    No camping at Wallace Falls it is a day use only. There is camping at Money Creek and Beckler River. Fishing at both as well.
  11. Past the Beckler River campground on Beckler River Road there are lots of turnoffs that lead to free camping spots right on the river. Camped for the first time there this last weekend and caught a nice little bow after a couple of hours of fishing.:thumb:
  12. Matt Burke

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    The free ones along the Beckler disappear quick on Friday and homeless folks kinda stay there longer than the weekend. At least at Money and Beckler you can reserve them online.
  13. Greg Price

    Greg Price Love da little fishies

    Well, all that for nothing.

    Wallace Falls has 2 campsites and 5 cabins per their web site, but all are reserved.

    It looks like we may be camping in Ellensburg and floating the Yak, my favorite fishing/floating river.:D

    Driving to the Yak is really not that much more $ in gas driving to the Sky, and I enjoy chasing trout way more than steelhead. Besides, the 6 wt with dry line is more friendly on my elbow than the 8 wt with versatip.