Camping reccomendations please

Discussion in 'Camping, Hiking, Cooking' started by Alosa, Jul 17, 2011.

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    Hi all. I am looking for a camp reccomendation. My wife and I have a 9 month old son that we are going to try camping/hiking with for the first time and we wanted to go somewhere nice (national forest if possible) that was relatively close to Seattle in case anything goes wrong. We were thinking of Wenatchee but it looks like many of the trails are flooded. Any reccomendations?
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    If you are going during the week, try Salmon La Sac or Wish Poosh at the N. end of Lake Cle Elum. Or Owhi at Cooper Lake. About 1.5 hours from Seattle easy driving down I-90. Even closer is Lake Kachess. Great trails all around.