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  1. Ok, so I can't get any love with Ross Lake or Cascade River, so I was hoping I could get some suggestions.

    It's gonna be a couple thing, so us guys were hoping to be somewhere that we could fish, etc.

    Any suggestions are appreciated for a specific lake/river....preferrebly on the west side up North or down South, though I'm not ruling out the Eastside -- I just wanted to stay out of the crowds. ;)

    Thanks everyone!!!

    - DW
  2. 'car' camping, RV, hike in, or what? Lake or river\stream? Running water and outhouses or just the bushes? What are your (or the ladies) requirements?
  3. Car campin'. ;) I'd rather hike, but we've got some non-hikers going with us this year. Anyhow, river would be nice, though streams are just fine. Honestly, I'm just lookin' for some water that has fish in it to catch. ;)

    Running water or outhouses aren't a requirement, but if they're there, they'll use them. If not, the bushes are just fine.

    - DW
  4. When are you planning to go? (Looking for a lake or stream?)

  5. Check out the link below for the Gifford Pinchot National Forest near Mt Adams. It's been about 10 years since I've been to this area, but I remember it being very pretty and fast fishing for small brookies and cutthroat mostly. It can be a bit of a drive - but very scenic. Many lakes and streams to explore. May be too early for many of the med to high elevation lakes though.
  6. D-dub,

    Let's see... You could go out to Cushman just west of south end Hood Canal - take a left at Hoodsport (I usually bomb up past Shelton via Oly) onto the well-signed paved road. From that base, you could make the short drive to Prices Lake. The hikers could hike...

    In lieu of any hatch activity, the usual probing suspects apply. For most of the lake a floater or intermediate would suffice. The deeper water right at the access from the west could have you wanting to have a type 2 or 3 (expect wood snags). This is where I've caught my only big brookie (16") out of Prices, years ago. Rainbows and Cutts mostly....
    Hatches to look for are Callibaetis (have nymph through spinner stages covered) and Chironomid. I've regularly experienced a masking hatch of Callibaetis and a #14 tan midge, and did well with a #14 CDC Hatching Midge. You could also run into early caddis (like a dark size 10) and early spring flying ants (about a dark size 12). For that matter, you should have some damsel nymphs as well (tie 'em in bright kelly green too if you wrap).
    One day, I saw all of the above making their appearances at the same time, and it all gave way to the caddis!!! Needless to say, I haven't been quite the same since.
    I didn't get there last year and have yet to this year, so would be interested to hear what you find if you go.

    Good Luck!

  7. I used to know it all---but now I forgot it all.

    Well the Snoqualmie forks are open and I sure that you can find a few places up in the woods that you can camp at. And all three forks are open for fishing. But be sure to read the regs on what you can and cannot keep. There are two camp grounds on the S/Fork plus a State park. But don't know or are not to sure about the M/Fork and there are none on the N/Fork.

  8. Well since you were planning on going up that way initially, you may want to look into Baker Lake. Should be pretty good fishing at that time for rainbows, kokanee, and even dollies(have to release all dollies), plus there's lots of other stuff to do in the area. The only real drawback may be that it will probably be crowded on weekends and also, most of the local streams don't open until June 1st. I was up there fishing last Friday and saw a lot of RV's going up hwy 20, but at the campground it wasn't bad. On the lake though I only saw 3 other boats, which you hardly notice on a 7 mile long lake. Water level is down about 10ft with about 6-8 ft vis. As for fishing, me and my buddy only landed one 12" kokanee, but lost many more. It was my first time on the lake, so I didn't know where to fish, plus thunderstorms came in after 2 hours so I didn't have much time on the water. I'm still trying to figure out fly fishing on that lake, since everyone else mostly uses chum & maggots, or trolls flashers.

    Anyways, though it might be an idea since you already mentioned Ross.
  9. I used to know it all---but now I forgot it all.

    Did you try Depression Lake. That's the little lake just to the left of the big lake. They've(WDF&W) been known to drop a few big fish in there.

  10. No, but actually I was wanting to get off baker early and fish depression until dark. The thundershowers ruined that idea. I went down there and looked though. Didn't see any rises or anything, but it looks like it would be a fun place to fish.
  11. Wild,

    I was there about 1-1/2 weeks ago. Weather was overcast so bug activity slow. I managed to land 3 nice speckled cutthroat..very thick and healthy. (2) about 14-15 and one nice 17". There were three fisherman (including me) on the lake. They left when a short half-hour squall blew thru. I can't wait to get back tho. It was nice to have a whole lake to yourself. I had not fished there for probably 4-5 years. I have fished there since I was 10 years old. The last time I was there, I did pick up a couple 16" brookies also. I plan on heading to E. Wash. in the morning, otherwise, I would head there.
  12. The Icicle River near Leavenworth opens for Chinook this Friday. Nice area, but I've never fished the river, nor have a clue about the salmon fishing "scene" there...
  13. I used to know it all---but now I forgot it all.

    You can only fish it to the hatchery. Above the hatchery it is closed until June 1st. It can be a Zoo.


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