Can anyone tell me about this old Gary Loomis Rod?

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  1. I used to be an avid fly fisherman but moved to Australia (and the fishing here sucks compared to N. Idaho). I had this rod before I got here in '93. I bought it from a small Fly shop in Renton. I've been keeping it just in case I get over to New Zealand to try it on their Browns but health problems have now made that impossible. Can anyone tell me what it's worth and what the name of this model is? I've been reading all the forums but getting mixed information about it's age. As you can see from the photos, it a 9'6" 6wt IM6 2-Piece. Thanks in advance. DSCN0328.jpg DSCN0330.jpg DSCN0331.jpg
  2. Late 80's signature series Loomis. Sounds like you got it at the Royal Coachman. Might even be a Myron rod. Not sure of the value I want to say they ran about 300 bucks in the day.
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  3. I have the same rod which I purchased new in the mid 80's not long after Loomis started making rods. I still use it today and find the IM6 a nice action rod to fish. I own six older IM6 fly rods and several gear rods.
    I broke the tip on mine. Loomis fixed the tip plus sent me a new tip so I have it in a 9'6" and 9'4" versions.
    The reel handle is unique with the threads being in the wood. They don't believe they make those any longer.
    The value is probably $100-$150.
    Hope this helps.
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  4. Thanks guys. Yeah, the Royal Coachman sounds familiar. I remember comparing it to the Sage and Powell of the day. I thought the Sage was a little quick and the I hate to say it but the Blue Powell kinda put me off...
  5. Come to think of it.... Maybe the blue rod was a Scott...
  6. IM6 rods and blanks are still being produced in quantity. It may be the closest thing to a standard graphite for the last 40 years or so. I find IM6 to be on the fast side, seldom very smooth, but quite capable. IM6 has been used by first rank rod makers like Winston (perhaps refined?). You can buy IM6 blanks on eBay starting around $10.
  7. Well If you would like to unload the rod I could make an offer through P.M. I actually love the action of the loomis sig Im6 although the wood threads was not a top end model of the time I believe. I've been looking for a 5 wt. but am interested in this 6 wt. if you want a new home for it where it would be used and loved shoot me P.M.!!!

    I've seen people try and get good money from these older models on fleabay and they just don't get much love like the gl2-3 and glx's do. Lets chat!
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  8. I had forgotten about the Royal Coachman until this thread. As I recall it was a pretty nice little shop and I took my first formal tying class from Myron way back there in the 80"s,
  9. At that time, IM6 was the top of the line. I don't recall them offering any other types of graphite at that time and the gear rods I have from that period are IM6 as well. I don't remember any other type of reel seats being offered when they made their first fly rods.
    I do have a 5 wt Loomis IM6 that has a standard reel seat but I acquired it later in the product life.
    I got my 6 wt from a friend that was one of the first employees at Loomis.
    I have one older gear rod that pre- dates it. I bought it directly from Gary Loomis when they first started the company and were working out another employees garage.
  10. Yeah i was able to cast a 9' 5 wt. with standard seat that a friend had I was teaching casting. His mother in-law worked at loomis and had bought it for him many moons ago that's how I know of the action of the sig series Im6 and loved casting it in all aspects close,far,target,changing direction, it was a great tool and was thinking it was probably a few years newer than the one posted. Some rods are just made right and if anyone could steal the mandril from the coveted Winston Im6 of that time it would of been loomis ;-)
  11. The signature series Loomis rods were some of my favorite.
  12. Some rods are just made right and if anyone could steal the mandril from the coveted Winston Im6 of that time it would of been loomis ;-)[/quote]

    Mark, I think Loomis used to roll Winstons blanks.
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  13. Mark, I'd love to see this rod go to an active fly fisherman....unfortunately, I live in Australia and only get back to Seattle about every 18 months. Shipping from Aussie would be outrageously expensive.
  14. Mark, I think Loomis used to roll Winstons blanks.[/quote]

    My exact point=;-)

    Thanks for the consideration and next trip in if you'd like a good home for it just send a P.M. and yeah I kinda thought the shipping would be way too much! I tried getting a rod from Europe one time and the things it had to go through and cost (customs) WERE INSANE!
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  15. It is fun to me that IM6 was the best and was 300 to 400 in the day. So went worry with it that it isn't any good any more. It is bad upon if you have one. People think it is cheap now. I still think that for graphite it still is the best out there. Easy to cast and can still feel a fish when you play them. Not like today rods.

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