Can I fix the cracks in my shooting head?

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  1. Anybody ever fixed cracks in their shooting head. I have a fairly new wulff ambush taper that has just developed some serious cracks in the shooting head down by where it transitions into the running line ;the kind of cracks that go all the way around the core to the core. I would just send it back to wulff but I have a remote fly in steelie trip booked a few days from now. Thanks
  2. I got a bit more life out of a Airflo 40+ beach line this summer by using UV cure on it.
    I spread it on very thin so there weren't any bumps then hit it with the UV light. It held up for about another month before giving up the ghost.
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  3. Find a loaner line if you can and send it back. I just had a Wulff Ambush intermediate start cracking in a ten foot section of the running line behind the head. The line was only two months old. I called customer service and sent it back. They were really good about getting me a new one quickly. It was about a five day turn around. I would call customer service regardless, explain your situation, and hopefully you can send it back after your trip. I really hope this is just a bad manufacturing run.
  4. As someone else the manufacturer first to find out warranty info. Then I normally use aquaseal to repair any of my lines that develop a crack.

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  5. just had the same thing happen with a 9 month old, heavily used ambush line. I took it to the shop I got it from and explained my situation, and how I couldn't be out a line in the middle of salmon season. Erik at GH gave me a new one and sent the old one back wulff for me. I was so happy to get it right away that I assured him that if the manufacturer would not cover it, which we were pretty sure they would, then I would come back and square up for the new line.
    I stopped in a couple weeks later and he said they sent him a new one no problem and he just popped it back on the shelf. Talk to the fly shop you bought it from, if your a regular they'll probably set you up.
  6. Got it figured out, thanks everyone for the replies; I must say the people at Wulff went above and beyond for me , it looks like with any luck I may have the replacement line in time for my trip. It's nice to know there are still companies in this industry that work one on one with their customers. Cheers
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  7. Now that is great service!!!

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  8. Glad you got your line issue taken care of and enjoy your trip.

    I've only fished a Wulff line for about 30 minutes on the beach and can't remember what type it was. It had a teal blue running line I believe and the head was noticably shorter then my 40+ line.
    The one thing I noticed is there was a very dramatic difference in the line diameter where it transitioned from the head to the running line.
    There was a very noticable thump when the head exited the top guide. It sound like this transition area is where some have had issues with the line cracking.
    I wonder if the line was designed to have a more gradual taper that the cracking issue may not happen? It seemed with the line I used that the head might actually pull free from the running line over time with extended use.

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