Can I sell a $1,000 Catfish to Dedicated Fly Fisherman?

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  1. Hi Folks,

    I spent some time this summer working through the details of starting up the hatchery here at Vogler Lake. Some of you may remember the idea I put out about a floating hatchery. The main reason to place the operation directly on the lake was to help slow down the local poachers. Five pound kamloops were once raised in the back hatchery pond and the intire stock was killed by someone with some sort of fire works. That was 3 years worth of work for a man (Ted Olson) in his late 80s. Needless to say, I want to go forward with the hatchery but I must come up with extra ordinary plans to deal with the local low life.

    Once I do get the hatchery operational, I plan on keeping the lake well stocked with a wide variety of trout. There will be predation and low lives will always manage to slime their way up here. There are ways to deal with them and I have done so for close to 19 years. I'm not going to let them slow me down on this project.

    So, here is a revised plan for reestablishing Ted's hatchery.

    First, I have just studied up on the SEPA requirements for the floating hatchery concept and I believe it is still a viable concept. However, an on-shore hatchery is the best move at this time. The big question is; how do I protect the hatchery stock from the local...well... "society"?

    I plan on putting the hatchery under ground......Yep, you read right.

    The 60" dia. plastic culvert is an ideal fish pen either on the water or below the ground. They can easily be modified to remove waste, supply O2 and full spectrum light. The 90 deg. elbow or 'T' attachments are well suited as an above ground entry hatch way. To 'harden' the hatch way, I would encase it with cement and equip it with a steel/lockable hatch cover. I realize that this sounds extreme to some of you folks (have you been to Concrete?). I'm simply being realistic about my environment.

    Now, culverts that size are spendy ($120+per ft.) and to build a hatchery large enough to be commercially viable, I will need a lot of these vessels. The culverts and the ancillary equipment/structures can cost upwards of $300,000. Were is that type of money for this type of project?

    Well..right here:

    USDA Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Loans

    In simple terms, I can qualify for a low interest/long term loan of up to $300,000 if and when I can show the USDA that I have sold $1,000 worth of fish.

    I have catfish in the old hatchery pond and I have the WDFW permit to sell them. So, can I tempt anyone in this forum into buying a $1,000 catfish? I will throw in a 3 year hunting lease covering my 40ac and the 440ac in the back (I have that permission cleared). This offer includes free camping at the lake and fire wood. I actually have about 10 of that particular type of catfish.

    If you buy 5 catfish at once, you'll get a 20yr hunting lease and I'll throw in 2 shares of stock, out of a hundred, in the LLC created to cover the hatchery operation. I only have 5 of those catfish.

    To conclude,

    When I first came to Vogler Lake I found grown men (sometimes in groups) harrassing, cheating and stealing from a 91 yo man.....all over FISH!!! I personaly could not and did not put up with what I saw happening and I worked hard to bring a change to this lake. The rule change to fly fishing was a god send to Ted (and I) as it brought peace and quiet to our home. The catfish I'm putting up for sale were origionaly put there by Ted around 1949. It is time to get them sold.

    If I sell just 1 catfish and the USDA grants the loan, this lake will be well stocked for many years to come. You have my word.



    P.S. I plan on growing crayfish in the hatchery. They won't be released into the lake as they can cause damage to this type of lake. However, I will be throwing 'mud bug' feasts each summer....South Texas style!

  2. Would a locked fence around the current tank work? Barb wire? What do all the other hatcheries do for security?
  3. Just how big are these catfish? Could it be split ten ways and shared?
  4. Nope.
  5. Nope to the size, or nope to the effort of Vogeler to find some funds?

    Either way, I'm good, I'm just saying I could be good for $100, but $1000 is out of my league for now. Maybe later when my fly fishing speaking career really kicks off.
  6. Nope to the original question. Too rich for me!
  7. Funny thing is I figured out what you were trying to say sometime last night in the middle of a dream. Go figure.
  8. Dreaming of me...that is scary!
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  9. Did I say dream? I meant nightmare, phew, that could have gone the wrong way in a hurry, glad I fixed it.
  10. I'm out, also. Unless you want to trade for beach-front property in Montana . . . ?
  11. Well, I thought I would give the thought a try. Selling a $1,000 worth of fish could get this hatchery underway with a $300,000 budget. This years stock, at this lake, was less than 50 small fish. I stood there and watched the stocking crew. I was hoping that the possability of having a hatchery on site, keeping this lake jumping, would have been better recieved. The price tag was steep and I'm open to cutting up the catfish . Heck, I'll fillet it.

    BTW: A fence around the old ponds is basicly a waste of good fencing in this environment. Also, I need to raise many 'tons' of fish not a few pounds that the ponds support. But, thanks for the suggestion.

    If anyone has an idea on how the funds can be raised, my email is


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