Can you go wrong with Cabelas Spey rod?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by lesfishing, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. fredaevans

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    He what????

    Aaron let YOU actually TOUCH one of his rods???:rofl: Gad Zooks, he must be well insured ... :)
  2. FT

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    Aaron has been taking between 20 and 30 rods to the river every Saturday morning for folks to try and for him to give them some spey casting lessons on for the last 4 years. It is one of the greatest deals going for those living in Puget Sound who are considering getting into spey casting. Lessons from a 2-hand certified instructor for free and plenty of rods of all price ranges (yep, he even takes his expensive ones to the river) for folks to try.
  3. Ian Broadie

    Ian Broadie Flyfishing is so "Metal"

    I have the Forecast 13' 8/9 and it built with in your price range but if you do get it there is one quirk about this rod to note, it's a "Scando" rod and the majority of the "flex" is at the tip of the rod. This is great for overhead casting but I've found that overloading, IE:8/9=9/10 lines, this rod is the best way to get it to flex closer to the butt and power out heavy winter flies and sink tips.

    I also have the TFO Deer Creek 13' 7/8 and it about as good as you can get for the price, I'll be getting the 13'6" 8/9 soon for winter fishing. The Deer Creeks easily balance with a great many different lines for different casting preferences and schools of thought. So I guess I would go with the TFO for a rod that is not in the fantastically intimidating price range that a lot of spey rods venture into.
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    FT, you got Fred all wrong. He was having some fun with me. Was just being a smartalec (Fred that is). We both know Aaron.

    I do recall a time I was sitting in a nice motorhome with a gent drinking some fine scotch, while trying to take some meiser spey rods from him. Just couldn't get him drunk enough to sneak them out. LOL. Fred actually let me test cast a couple of those rods. Wish one would've went missing into my truck. ;) Reminds me, I know JD was drinking with us, wasn't Aaron in there with us too?
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    Anyone know what the difference is between the "single-hand" spey "and the "double-hand" spey? THose are Cabela's two LST spey lines. Apart from the obvious, one is shorter than the other and the handles are different. I ask, because I know someone trying to line a single hand spey and I really don't know what to say other than 'get a short head'.
  6. Ian Broadie

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    The single handed spey line is probably close kin to a heavy double taper single handed line. Using SA lines as an example I have wf8wt GPX and the 8wt steelhead taper lines. When I am using my single handed steelhead rod the "steelhead" taper is much easier than the GPX line to make a "spey" cast with due to the fact that the taper on the line is much longer and I can have more line out to load the rod.

    I guess my rambling point is any double tapered or extended taper single hand line can be a "single handed" spey line. :ray1: ....and really any single handed line can be a single handed spey line it's just that some will be better than others at it due to issues with loading the rod when making a spey cast.

    So blah, blah, blah (I'll shut up now) short taper=short single handed spey cast and longer taper=longer single handed spey cast.
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    Sloan- I think those descritions for the cabelas rods just indicate that the smaller one is light enough to cast with one or two hands (aka: a switch rod), but the bigger ones are strictly for two handed casting.
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    Thanks again for all the advises!

    So far I have an Old Cortland Bass rod for 8/9 weight 9 ' and thei rod went trough hell.
    I had so many Chum salmon on it and 7-8 steelheads and large mouth bass i originally bought for bass fsihing.

    Anyway I am still amazed that it served me very well on some 20lbs + fish.
    But time is for change.
    Thanks all again for all of your input.
  9. FT

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    Fred probably has nearly as many 2-handers as Aaron. But I have a strong suspician he would miss a Meiser pretty quickly regardless how much single malt he had imbibed.
  10. Jerry Daschofsky

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    I'd say Fred has quite a few more LOL. But, I was purely hoping he'd drink enough. I still had a good chance to drool over them for awhile though.
  11. lesfishing

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    My New T & T spey rod

    Guys ,

    Thanks again for ton of advise on getting right spey rod.

    I just picked up Thomas & Thomas 12' for 8 wt 3 section spey rod.

    It was great to tried out today at Aaron's place.

    I was using Rio New line ASF ? Started with roll casts and it was all coming alive.

    Now I have to call Lealand to to take me fishing ( I have done some trout fishing with him)

    I own T&T LPS 3 & 5 wt dry fly trout rods and they are my favor trout rods.

    US team use the spey rods on international competitions and they do like them, I think thay are still sponsored by T&T

    I have to say this rod is super light the balance is right about 4" from the top of the cork.
    Casting was true joy, not much effort , everything came alive.

    My plan is to practice in the back yard ( I know some of you don't like the idea of using line on the grass) well I have spare reel with older line. Anyway , I have 120 ' of long grass field where I can do some roll casting in my backyard.

    Was wonder, if anyone hear abot Large Arbor 3 reel made by White River Co. model is "Practisioner"
    I have one of thsoe reels before the Co. was sued by Bauer for coping their product.

    Thay might be out of buisness by now. I have this reell and would love to fit on it new Rio line with running etc.. would all thsi fit on this reel? I use it on my 9' 8 wt rod and love the reel.