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    Looks like ill be heading down to Cancun in Early March with my wife and some friends. We are staying South of Cancun at a resort. I would like to spend 1-2 days out on the water while we are down. I know that i have read some on here from others experiences on guides in the area.

    Any Suggestions on guides to check out? Would be looking for a double occupancy trip, my wife said she would like to come out and watch and maybe catch some of the "Cute white ones" (aka Permit) ;)
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  3. Rick Todd

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    +1 on Enrique! We were down in April and booked a day in Cancun Lagoon and a day at Isla Blanca with Both at excellent fishing venues close to Cancun. Caught some very nice tarpon at Isla Blanca. Rick
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    If you want to seek permit-try Ascention Bay. We have booked two days at Pesca Maya before our resort stay in Cancun and that is where to target bonefish and permit. Rick
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    Agree on Enrique for fishing in Cancun or north of town, Isla Blanca, etc. I have not been successful in finding a guide apart from the lodges on Ascension Bay, altho there must be some. I've stayed out at Punta Allen at the end of the peninsula via the "road from hell." It is a good stay, but not practical for just a couple or three days fishing. Plus, each day of fishing involves a 40 to 60 minute boat ride to the fishing grounds. I'm still looking for a way to stay in Tulum and book day trips with a guide, meeting up around Boca Paila. The road is paved that far, and you can begin fishing about 2 minutes from there.

    Whether to fish north or south depends on how far south of Cancun your resort is. If you're driving, go visit Tulum - cool ruins and beach there - and just ask around town about fishing guides. I'm sure they exist, but as locals they might not have an internet web site presence.

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    Dick Cameron has a 1st class operation with excellent guides and lodge at Punta Allen (it's worth it - go there, the road isn't as bad as they say - unless it rains a lot). There is an alternate, better road that reaches the west side of Ascencion Bay and there is a boat landing where you could be met by panga to Punta Allen. I fished with them a few years back when he ran the "Bonefish Bum" operation. Lodge is now called the Palmeto Club and is quite nice for the spouse too, with excellent, mind boggling food prepared by Mayan decendants.
    I also did another successful, albeit more "budget" oriented trip with an outfit called mexicanfishingadventures.
    Both of these trips were worthwhile.
    Have fun, and send a report whatever you decide.
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    Thanks for the pointers. Looks like we will be heading down in March. Celebrating dads 60th, ill have 2-3 days to fish but looks like ill be staying everynight at the resort. Ive contacting and they seemed to be very good to work with. Said that time of the year ill be looking at mostly Tarpon, which is fine. Ill reach out to Enrique also!

    Thanks again for the suggestions. Are there generally any fish in the waters out in front of the resort South of Cancun?