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  1. My wife and I just got back from a week in Cancun. You've got to love the incredible sugar sand beaches, and that warm beautiful Caribbean water, but what is cool with Cancun is you can also get into some very nice tropical fly fishing while your wife is enjoying the beach! We went with another couple, did a trip to Tulum and Coba,
    and we also took our wives on a half day fishing trip to Cancun Lagoon. The other couple (in another boat) got a small tarpon and a barracuda. I hooked a large (5') cuda, but he chewed through my 40# test leader in a heartbeat! Then the two guys got a full day trip ($375) to Isla Blanca. It was windy that day which kept us off the flats where the bonefish and permit were, but we got into the mangroves
    in search of snook and tarpon. I got shots at a few groups of snook but they didn't seem interested in what I was throwing. However, both my buddy and I hooked 2 tarpon and each of us kept the jumping fools out of the mangroves enough to land one each. Those fish are really like greased lightning when hooked and so much fun to sight cast to them and see the follow and take right in front of you! So if you want a nice combined beach vacation complete with margaritas, plus some excellent tropical fly fishing try Cancun. I booked through for the third time in a row and wasn't disappointed. Get Enrique at Isla Blanca!
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  2. Sweet report. Hope to get down there within the next year.
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  3. I'm envious, what a cool trip. And the wife was happy too.
  4. Thanks for sharing. That's a beauty of a tarpon. What weight rod were you using?
  5. A few years ago I picked up a Sage Xi2 9' 8 wt and a Sage 3400 reel on ebay for about half retail. I only use it on tropical trips and it is a good all around rod for bonefish, permit, baby tarpon and snook. Rick
  6. I love tropical locals. Last time I was in Puerto Rico ( the only time). We went out to Culebra Island and you could watch 6 foot tarpons swim by all day.
  7. Nice report Rick! I fished with Enrique north of town a couple years ago. He's a good guide.

    Also found a place to stay in old Cancun that I prefer to the "hotel zone." The HZ is like being in Las Vegas, rather than in Mexico. Good Mexican restaurants with low prices in old Cancun as well, which is a welcome alternative to eating at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville in the HZ.

    Haven't tried fishing in the lagoon, but understand it can be good. It's nice to get away from the big city and fish out of Isla Blanca or south out of Tulum and Boca Paila. No tropical fishing for me this year, and your report really makes me miss it. I love the sight fishing on the flats.

  8. Hi Salmo-I confess to staying in the Hotel Zone. We have a Westin time share and the Weston Lagunamar is a great resort. The main reason I like staying out there is the beach-like no other in terms of the quality of sand and the great water! Also, our units have full cooking so we visit Walmart supermarket, stock up and eat breakfast and lunch in our condo, plus a couple dinners. Parilla Mexicano in town is an excellent mexican restaurant, but La Madonna is a superb Italian restaurant, Puerto Madera is a great Argentinian Steak House and Freds has some of the best seafood anywhere, all within walking distance of our condo. They are a little pricey, but we only spent $240 at Walmart for 4 of us to eat 3 dinners, 6 breakfasts and 5 lunches, so there was money for a splurge! I do think the Hotel Zone resembles Vegas, but I also think old Cancun lacks the charm of Zihuatanejo, San Jose del Cabo, or old Puerto Vallarta. I've never been to Boca Paila, but drove by it on our way to Pesca Maya, which my wife and I thought was an outstanding fishing resort and one we like to visit for a few days before our week in Cancun! Rick
  9. OK, ya got me with the Argentinian Steak House; that is good! As is the beach. We used our exchange time share to stay in the HZ first time there. I guess my reason for foregoing the HZ is that the combination of hotels and shopping mall across the street felt like being in LV, USA and not Mexico. I'm not recommending Cancun other than as a stop-over to the smaller towns to the south or to book a day or two fishing out to the north. Last year we went to Belize; maybe Mexico next time. Can't wait to pack my flats gear for another winter get away.

  10. Also, we usually take our kids and grandkids down there, so the water slide, and big pool are definite musts for that kind of vacation!:)
  11. Rick, will you guys adopt me? I come pre-trained in all the normal daughter cooking and cleaning stuff, plus I can also row the boat and tie your flies when you get too old, LOL!
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  12. Cool stuf, nice report and awesome tarpon shot.
  13. Freestone-send picture (of your boat!:)) Rick
  14. Great Report! My wife has been bothering me to go on another tropical vacation in the Fall. Do the beaches fish well in September?
  15. Nice report Rick! It sounds like you guys had a great time. Nice tarpon too.
  16. I don't know about the beaches, but the fishing should be good in Isla Blanca and the Lagoon. Just need to pay for a guide! Rick

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