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    So I foresee having an abundance of salmon soon. For variety's sake, I want to do some canning of a few.

    Anyone have some canning tips or recipes to share? I got my grandmother's old pressure cooked to use.
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    Well I don't know exactly what is canning fish....But still I like your thread...Thanks
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    Yup. Scale fish, can leave skin on and bones intact. Cut up in pieces just big enough to toss in Ball Jars. DO NOT brine beforehand or cook. If you want to smoke beforehand LIGHTLY smoke and very little salt on fish. Pressure cooking it will really infuse flavors into fish.
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    We do that with boney fish or left over salmon. We typically brine, smoke, and then pressure cook them. This softens up the bones so you can eat them. In fact, you don't even know they are there. Good way to preserve a lot of fish for later use.
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    I didn't see this thread when you began it. I've canned a lot of fish, and my first recommendation is don't waste the effort on pink salmon. Just plain yuk! There's a reason why it's the cheapest stuff in grocery stores. I won't even can coho or steelhead, having tried it years ago. I should probably mention that I am a fish snob. I've had the privilege of really, really good fish, so I'm picky.

    The fish to can is spring and summer chinook and sockeye. Period, that's it. I won't can anything else, unless I get a chance to do albacore.

    I can in half pints, 60 minutes at 15# pressure. Most instructions are focused on safety over quality and call for more time. 60 minutes at 15# kills all bacteria, and any pressure cooking over-cooks the fish, so I try to do the least. 90 minutes for pints. 1/4 tsp of salt and 1/8 tsp of liquid smoke in half pints, double for pints. Smoking fish for 30 minutes before canning is great, and allows the skin to peel off, but it's a lot - a lot - of extra work, so I switched to liquid smoke.

    The product I have describes is superior to any canned salmon in any store, possibly by an order of magnitude.

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    I started canning more fish this year. I can quite a bit of veggies, fruits and meat every year. I like the liquid smoke a 1/2 tb of salt, 1/2 jalapeno and a few oz of olive oil. I live at 3400 ft elevation so 90 min at 14-15 lbs

    I like pt's for fish and qt's for meat ( deer, elk, moose, antelope)

    Great alternative to freezing your catch
  9. Matthew Gulbranson Resident Swinger

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    Don't forget a lil' bit o garlic!!
  10. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    Jeff Bandy was nice enough to invite me over for a canning party. Gotta say, the pink salmon patties I made up from my first opened jar came out wonderfully. Might have to invest in one of these pressure cookers for canning in the future!