Canon 5D II?

Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by yuhina, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. I am thinking to get the 5 D II in the near future, and I just realized the price vary a lot in the market now... from 2600-1900 . I was wondering what's wrong with this camera? any suggestion of a reliable source to get a good deal?
  2. yuhina, my friend bought the 5D MarkII the day it came out. Excellent camera. I'd say one of the best full frame cameras out on market right now. The video feature is absolutely amazing. The price is a bit steep and i've commonly seen them up around $2400-$2600 for the body.

    With that said, if you're wanting to save a couple bucks, I've heard alot of great things about the new Canon 7D. Its not full frame but you save like $1000. looks promising. I'll admit though, paying more for full frame can be extremely beneficial...

    As for good deals, I bet if you surf around a bit, you might find some good holiday deals on it.
  3. Good point NomDeTrout!

    I would buy the 7D if I am shooting birds or other wildlife...
    The reason I am thinking about full frame is I want to use some of the old wild angles lens...
    I am not sure if the 1900-2200 is a refurbish price on the internet... confused...
  4. Yeah I haven't seen too many 5D MarkII's under $2000. Do be careful when pruchasing for cameras online. Alot of scammers out there. Honestly, I'd stick with the usuals - Amazon, Adorama or some other reputable dealers out there. Better paying a bit more for good customer service and a proper product than getting scammed.

    One thing you might want to consider if you want to save some money is looking on Craigslist. I've found that with expensive camera equipment, people take great care of them. I bought my Nikon D300 for literally half price and looked brand new and works flawlessly.

    I have to say though...I am envious of those shooting full frame. Some of the photos my friend takes with his 5DMII is absolutely amazing. He's got some shots with an wide angle lens that blows my D300 out the crapper.
  5. Most likely the price variation reflects US market vs. gray market cameras. When I bought my 40D gray market body, it was about $300 less than a US market version. The difference? No warranty for the gray market version. Otherwise, they're exactly the same.

  6. Thanks Kent!

    I am curious if the gray market is the same as the "Imported", those from private parties? If so, could I sent them back to Japan for the repair?
  7. US market and foreign market cameras are almost always identical, with the occasional difference sometimes being a manual printed in English and say, Japanese or Chinese, instead of English and Spanish or French.

    The higher cost of a foreign market camera imported into the US (i.e. a gray market camera) is ostensibly due to the higher cost of providing domestic repair and warranty service. Some cynics (me among them) believe the actual difference is simply additional profit margin tacked on by the authorized US arm of the manufacturers such as Nikon USA or Canon USA. US market cameras cost more because the manufacturer believes that US consumers are able and willing to pay more.

    Whatever the case, you can have any camera, gray- or US-, serviced at any authorized US repair facility. The difference is that work performed during the warranty period will usually be free for a US market camera while you'll pay a nominal amount to have an otherwise identical gray market camera repaired.

  8. Don't overlook Sony's FF offering either, it is darn good and has a little bit higher resolution. With that being said, I shoot a 5dMkII and it is flippin' sweet!
    P.S. I only buy camera gear from B&H and only us-market items, they are more money but the warranty is reason.
  9. Oops...missed the date on this one...
  10. I'm sure I am WAAAAY late on this, but look at B&H on the east coast. They have it all. Canon makes some great gear, it's what I shoot with at work. However, my personal camera, and one to consider, is the Nikon D700.

    I realize it is a Ford, Chevy, Dodge thing, and both make great cameras, especially at that price point. I just prefer Nikon, having used both.
  11. Ha... almost forgot I have posted this thread... long time
    maybe we can turn this thread into gear talk? : )

    I totally agree, Nikon vs. Canon comparison is just another Ford vs. Chevy thing... they are all nice and waaaay beyond my ability to capture a good photo. But there are constant discussion (in a nice direction,not just arguing) about those two systems. I think one of the main reason is because they are "system camera" and they are not inter-changable. Nikon lens for Nikon body and you also have to use Nikon speed light. well... if you are a casual shooter, they are not a big deal... both companies provide a reasonable offer. But if you are the enthusiasm photographer,then you are constant getting into a conflict between "big bang of the money". Even worse, if you are ever wading into a professional photography world, now you will face another set of problem, some company just don't make "a thing" for you for the particular situation. Therefore, you either buy two system, OR you have made it work (for instance Nikon lens attache to Canon body) by using the converter equipment. There is another good example about system camera: Every one knows Leica and Zeiss make a superb lens,they generate incredible photo quality, but there are very few people in the professional shooting are using them for work (compare to Nikon and Canon). Why? a simple answer is because they are not a fully supported system camera. They have some lens, some speed light, some accessories, but not even close to Nikon and Canon which has a huge selection of different options. And of course, they are not interchangeable...
    I used to shoot Nikon for the landscape and documentary in film. Their wide-angle lens and speed light system are stronger than Canon. But then I got into wildlife photography, I have to switch out all my system into Canon. Because Cannon get stronger items in tele lens and advanced focusing system, and at that time Nikon not even develope it's own ultrasonic focus system yet.... Now, I am a "lay back shooter" I just stick with what system I already have - mostly Canons which is nice because Canon body are thinner (from reflect mirror to film) than Nikon, Leica and Contax. so it will allow me to use all those lens from other brands by putting different adaptor rings between lens and Canon body. But it will only work for "manual".
  12. Good post yuhina.

    For a long time Canon lead the market not only in bodies, but lens quality and selection. However, as of late, Nikon has caught up and in the case of the new D7000, I think surpassed Canon. Canon still offers more lenses and they are usually a bit cheaper in price than Nikon Nikor lenses, but Nikon has some amazing new gear! As you stated, they are systems that once purchased, are hard to purge due to the expense. However, I know of a few photographers who have jumped ship from Canon to Nikon for various reasons (some of them jumped from Nikon to Canon 20 years ago). It is cyclical and both companies leap ahead of the other one every few years. In the end, the competition is good for the users (us) and provides the market with some incredible systems. The one thought that I have however, that I will always believe in, if you want to shoot pictures buy a still camera, if you want to shoot movies and video, buy a video camera. This video feature on a still camera is non-sense in my opinion.

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