Canon Macro's...which one?

Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by freestoneangler, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. We're considering a macro lens for our 60D (came with the 18-200mm) From what we've read, the 50 and 60mm, 2.5f seem to be most popular. My wife will be using it to do real close up shots. Any one have these...any suggestions?
  2. I shoot Nikon but use a 105mm macro quite a bit. I would think a primary consideration would be subject matter and working distance. If you're shooting flowers, jewelry, plants, the 50 or 60mm would probably work fine. I would bet minimum focus distance on the 60mm would come in around 8 inches (8" is pretty close) and with the 100mm at probably 12 inches.

    I would think the bokeh would be better on the 100mm which might be desirable. If you're shooting with a white or solid background then it wouldn't much matter. The 105mm macro is my second most used lens. It's a really good people lens too.
  3. I use the 60mm EF-S 1:2.8 USM a lot for macro photos of fish. Great lens, worth looking at while you're trying a few out. Minimum working distance is around 4 inches. Here's a couple darter photos for comparison.


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