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Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by Robert Engleheart, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. Been looking to upgrade the old Kodak for a while, some unexpected expenses have delayed my move. Looking for a P&S. Anyone have one of these yet? Sure looks like an awesome setup. High ISO with minimal noise and f/2 maximum aperature will allow for great available light shooting. User choice manual controls and sensor quality and RAW are some of the features that make me drool.
    I was all set to get a Panasonic ZS3 @ Costco (about $229 thru 12/20) until I saw the reviews on this.
    A little pricey at just under $400.
  2. Haven't looked at the new point and shoots in years. My first digital camera back in 2003 was a Canon Powershot. 4 MP and way to much money. It was one of the hottest P&S out at time. The thing that sold me though, was that Canon was the only company using glass lenses in their P&S cameras at the time. I think Canon still makes the best P&S cameras today. I would spend the extra money.
  3. There are several reviews out there now. Steve's Digicams and Imaging Resource come to mind.

    While I shoot Nikon for (D)SLRs, I'm generally a big fan of Canon's compact cameras. Personally I'm more attracted to the G11, but it's bigger and more expensive (if I remember correctly), so I can understand some of the S90's appeal, for sure. Good luck with your decision.
  4. I've got a G10 which is outstanding to the point that I prefer it to my 40D with L series lenses. BUT . . . the rub on the G10 is that its sensor was so crowded to achieve 14mp resolution that low light shots are quite noisy. The G11 solved that by backing file resolution down to 10mp and using a better low-light processor. Apparently the S90 uses the same sensor and processor but with an even faster ƒ2.0 maximum aperture 5:1 optical zoom lens that make its low-light shots among the very best, including those from most DSLRs. The much smaller physical size than the G10/11 and nifty control ring around the lens tempt me to sell my G10 and get an S90 instead.

  5. In point and shoots cameras, check for responsiveness. I can't stand the slow shutter response of a lot of the p-and-s cameras. I haven't read anything about the S90, but it's now one of the first things I check.
  6. In my experience, slow shutter response times are generally a relic of earlier generations of cameras. My G10 and my wife's Panasonic Lumix (both less than a year old) exhibit virtually zero shutter delay. That said, it's worth remembering that many cameras have a shutter button that operates auto focus and exposure calculation when it's half-depressed. Don't confuse a light touch on the shutter button with shutter activation delay.

  7. Kent,
    I've heard the same about the S90 and that is part of the appeal. Too many neophytes get hung up on pixel count. That and the small size and the manual control ring that's programmable are the appeal to me, along with the f2 maximum aperature.
  8. Bigger isn't better
  9. Not as far as megapixels are concerned. But in aperture size, it's definitely a plus.


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