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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Bagman, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. I think your thought process is sound on pinks vs coho since pinks feed primarily on crustaceans and large zooplankton and cohos are primarily fish eaters.

    Remember pinks and coho come from two different family trees of Pacific Salmon.

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  2. I've noticed this with the intruder wire as well. I broke one the other day after only fishing it for an hour or so. Must have just hit the beach wrong. I've had a couple failues with Maxima too although it's after quite a bit of use, but I still never know when it's ok or I should replace the fly. I'm going to try the 100 lb Power Pro like Stonefish uses and see how that fares.
  3. I'm using Gamakatsu #1 octopus barbless.
  4. I've been using the barbless octopus a lot lately. I like the bigger gap versus the barbed model.
  5. I was 1 for 11 on coho this morning. And naturally I landed only the smallest one. Not sure that I could have done much different, just the luck of the draw I think. Mostly they seemed to be hitting at odd spots, and right near me, and I just wasn't able to get solid hook sets.

    Also had several hits that didn't stick. I am gonna tie up some with the stinger further back, and make them pay later on.

    Good times!!

  6. Holy shit. That's awesome Nick. Nice work.

    Man, I can't wait to start tying into some on a more regular basis.
  7. they will follow it up to the tip of your fly rod and scare the shit out of you if you aren't expecting it.
  8. or mock you like a double digit fish did to me last year. Big buck refused to eat at the rod tip then proceeded to swim a circle around me just to prove his point!

  9. Ouch! I swear some fish have a mean streak. I had one today hit and miss just enough for me to feel the nip about 20' in front of me, it then went airborne with a sore lip and jumped 4 different times to make good and sure I knew what I missed. I would have particularly enjoyed eating that bastard.
  10. That's funny! What a dick. haha
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  11. Missed a couple grabs this morning, and lost a couple small ones. Had a great time watching Matt land a silver, and Rob land a pink. Went back out for the evening tide change and lost 5 hooked fish in a row before this guy jumped 15' in front of me. I flipped a cast, stripped twice and he hit and missed. Damn. Flipped it back out again, stripped 3 times, and he smacked it and then went ballistic. Hottest beach fish of the year for sure.

    Really getting frustrating losing so many fish. After not losing hardly any all season, I've had a rough couple days. Not doing anything different, just luck of the draw I guess. I was using Gami hooks for the first 5 fish I lost tonight, then switched back to an Owner when I got this guy.

    Oh well....What a fun summer its been!

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  12. Nice Nick, glad you got one. Don't forget I also lost a nice coho on the barbless octopus hook today.
  13. That you did. That was super cool that I just happened to be looking right at you when it hit and saw the whole thing.

  14. Nice work, Nick. You just have to work through the LDR streaks until you find one that sticks. The facts that you are getting so many fish to take varifies the you are doing 99% of the game properly. I noticed through the month of August that the fish transitioned from crushing the fly to the nibbles, bumps, and pushes that seemed to characterize the bulk of last year's fish...makes our game much more technical/tactical.
  15. Funny you should mention that Bill, I was just commenting on the beach tonight that it has seemed the takes have been lighter and lighter lately. Though to be fair, I got two fish Thursday that tried to remove the rod from my hand. Out of all the fish I hooked in the past two days, all but one were very light takes. The one was a large fish that took right at my feet as the current was moving to my right. I never seem to get solid hook ups on my right side. This fish hammered it though, then jumped right in front of me and spit the hook quite literally upside my face. Also starting to get a lot more short strikes this week, something that was not at all a problem previously.
  16. Where are you located? What wt Amnesia are you after? I picked up a few spools on eBay awhile back. I heard they had quit making it so I stocked up. I would be willing to part with a spool if it is a wt I have a few of. Drop me a PM.
  17. I've been noticing those lighter takes as well. Earlier in August I was getting some crushing hits. Now it seems that just about every take comes at the tail end of my strip, just as I'm releasing the line to move my hand up and make another strip. So then there's a moment of not being sure if the fish is still on. It's definitely an odd thing to get used to.

  18. Aye Jason, that describes many of my latest takes nicely. I missed several this morning that were just that way... I'd release line to go strip again, and feel a slight take, then bumble to try to grab the line and get a hook set. Missed 4 this morning that did that and I saw just a flash right at the end of my line.

    This guy absolutely hammered the fly though, then went nuts all up and down the beach. He was annnngrrrry. Landed this one on an Owner hook, but a short time later after it was nicked up I switched it out for a Gami barbless, then lost one more fish right before I headed back to watch the game. I know its all in my head, but I'm beginning to develop a complex with these hooks.

  19. Damn. Wish I could have gone fishing this morning. Oh well.

  20. I'm no expert on hooks, but I just picked up a bag of #1 Owner Mosquito hooks. Here is what I see. Both hooks by eye have the same point off set. The Owner point go to the left and the Gama goes to the right. This is looking at both hooks from the eye to the point. Both hooks are very sharpe right out of the bag. The Owner point is turned towards the eye a little more then the Gama. Owner. Gama

    Wire diameter. .036. .036
    Gape. .425. .486
    Shank. .990. 1.156
    Bite. .415. .350
    Front. .389 .391
    This tells me there are differences between the two hooks but you will need to decide for yourself just what in more important to you. I'm guessing if the fish takes and goes right the Owner is the right hook, on the other if he takes and goes left the Gama is the better hook. I only say this because there would be a better change of the point staying in the mouth longer if the off set got the opposite way then the point goes since the point would stay in the mouth longer.

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