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  1. I've tried a number of stinger hooks over the years and pretty much have settled of the Gamakatsu Barbless Octopus. I like the gap and they stay sharp if you ding the beach.
    Regardless of what hook you use, you're going to lose some coho. The things are like Houdini. Hell they get off even with two hooks.
    Best advise is to use whatever hook you have confidence in, keep slack out of your line as much as possible and hope for the best.
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  2. Lost 4 tonight and missed several. All on the Owner hooks. I think Brian is right, these guys are just not easy to land all the way around. I'm starting to over think everything and get all out of whack. I keep picturing Kevin Costner in Tin Cup when he gets a case of the shanks. Maybe I need to fish with a clouser stuck in my left ear or something.
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  3. You can try backpedalling onto the beach as soon as you hook a silver to help maintain maximum tension. Apply max pressure during the fight, let it run, but attack when it pauses to keep it off balance.
  4. As the only way I learned was by watching other fishermen, this is the way almost everyone does it. If you don't get out of the water the sliver is going to get behind you. It is actually funny to watch some one get a nice fish behind them and try to fight the fish. The fisherman turns to face the Sliver and the Sliver runs back behind them again.
  5. Well at least your getting tugs. I've fished for two outings without a tug. Your doing something right. Do you give lessons? I will sign up for a class if you assure me of at least a few tugs.
  6. the real trick is to not give a crap whether you land the fish or not. when you get to that point, your landing % will be much higher and if not you won't care ;)
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  7. It's not me its my cat. She knows I've been fishing she can smell bull heads on me. She thinks I'm being unfaithful to her. She does not even greet me at the door anymore.
  8. I went to bed thinking strip set, strip set, strip set. I woke up still thinking strip set. I went down to the beach with one thing on my mind... Stop screwing around, and focus on strip set. I was casting maybe ten minutes when I felt a tug between strips... I quickly reached up, kept my rod tip down, and gave it a great solid strip set and bam he was on. Couple minutes later, first fish to the beach. The hook was BURIED in this fish.

    Ended up releasing 2 other smaller ones both that I got very solid strip sets in. I did miss a few grabs, but I am happy with the mornings results. I'll be back out for the evening tide to see if I can keep my focus. Sometimes ya just gotta go back to the basics.
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  9. My first and by the way only strip set was like I had just pulled back on a leash with a PitBull running hard to the other end after a squirrel, just as he hit the end of the leash. It was like I had hit a wall. i dont believe i will ever forget that sudden stop. I pulled so hard I put the #1 hook all the way through its lower jaw. 3 trips now no tugs. Very few fish caught durning the AM tide switch this morning. Very few jumpers, as well. Seems like there were just no fish out there. Glad someone found fish. Strip set Nick Strip set. I keep saying to myself don't lift the rod. That way the strip set will happen. By the way Nick what Hook did the job this morning?
  10. This has been my experience too and the experience of others I've seen on the beach since after the big rains. I did get a couple half-ass tugs. One tug came as I finished stripping in and I was lining up the eyes on the rod with the fly tailing out in the current about 15ft. Needless to say, strip set came a little late as I fumbled to grab the line. Easy for the mind to go elsewhere on a long tugless mornings. Makes me wanna sleep in but then I'm sure the bite would be back on and I'd miss it. So I'll keep at it. When I give the wife an update and then tell her my plans to keep going because it has to come back any day now all she says is that I'm worse than a gambler.
  11. I find I have more trouble hooking fish when I slow down my retrieve. Last year I pretty much stuck to the standard fast coho retrieve and "strip sets" are pretty much automatic because you're stripping fast and I lost very few fish.

    This year for whatever reason I find myself stripping slower and I've had plenty of takes on a slower retrieve. What doesn't happen is that automatic strip set because there's too much pause b/w strips and I usually end up at an awkward stage in the strip when I get a hit and it results in a half ass hookset and a big coho giving me the bird as he somersaults to freedom. :mad:
  12. When fishing bigger/flashier S&As this year I have also found that a slower retreive elicits more strikes. However, most of those strikes have ended up with fish on the beach. I'm not sure why exactly but with less tension on the line I suspect the the fish are more capable of taking the fly fully into their mouth or have time to grab and turn...both resulting in better hook placement.
  13. I too have noticed more success with a more moderate retrieve. I have developed a retrieve that works well for me, and while it's not super fast it's not super slow either. I'd say its more on the faster side, and very erratic. I find that most of my soft takes are on the drop when I give the fly a pause, or right between strips... While my real savage takes seem to come right at the start of the next strip. Like the fish is just there ready to pounce at the slightest movement. This morning I missed 2 solid grabs back to back, then later on finally got a good strip set and landed a fish using an Gami Octo barbless finally. It was only a pink, but I wasn't gonna complain.
  14. Had 2 more come unbuttoned today, 1 was operator error. They seemed smallish, maybe large cutts? I've been using #2, 1/0, and 2/0 stingers. The fish I've landed were on the larger stingers. I think I'm gonna stick to 1/0's as last year I didn't have a problem with em sticking on those. What size stingers are you guys that are landing them using?
  15. 2/0 and a firm strip set did the trick on this 7# hatchery hen this morning. This also marks the beginning of the next drought.
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  16. 2/0 hook? I though I had made a big step when I started using #1 hooks.
    Not sure I understand what you mean by the start of the next drought.
  17. Where are the coho in Seattle?! I keep hoping I'll start seeing more of them. But noooo. Just more pinks. I'm not complaining too much; went 2 for 3 this morning, and two of those pinks took me into the backing and wore me out. But damn, I'd like to eat some coho.
  18. When I gear fish for them I use two 3/0's, which I think is pretty common. So, I figured I didn't need to limit myself on the fly either. I like the 1/0 and 2/0's and did well last year with them. This fly happened to have a 2/0. The more I look at the #2's vs these bigger hooks in relation to their jaws and the thought of a short strike, the more I like the gap of the bigger hooks. Incidentally, another guy on the beach this morning lost a hot fish and said his #2 was bent.

    I'm sure there is a lot of experience out there that says the smaller hooks are better.

    Drought means I haven't gotten one since.
  19. Agreed, 3/0-4/0 for gear and 1/0 or 2/0 if the fly size allows. Remember to set the hook harder when using sizes 1/0 and larger as the thicker wire requires more force for penetration and the large gap permits the hooks to drive in deep. I don't really worry too much about doing much more than a strip set on sizes 1-2 since the fine wire penetrates with ease and it is possible to rip small hooks out with a bassmaster hookset.
  20. Jason,
    I think things should pick up further south once the weather starts turning on Sunday. Some cloud or fog cover with a south wind to get a good coho chop going will help improve fishing. You can still catch fish, but clear skies and 90 degree temps aren't great fishing conditions in my opinion.

    As far as hooks go, a 1/0 can look rather small in a big coho's mouth.

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