NFR Car break in at Rattlesnake Lake

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Sir Homey, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. You know, guys; Vlad the Impaler could fix this little problem in less than a week. Sharpen the log, put a little grease on the pointed end, sink it into the ground, and shove the perp's ass on it. Vlad and the boys captured oh, a thousand or so of Hamza Pasha's cavalry (the Pasha was one of the Sultan Mehmed II's minions), including the Pasha himself, and impaled the lot of them, with the Pasha on the highest stick as an acknowledgment of his rank. Nice Prince, Vlad, a real go-getter!

  2. Dracula? Nice! I don't think he's going to find tweaker blood very tasteful, though... I mean c'mon, he's certainly a fine connoisseur.
  3. you know where he got that name, Jim? Tepes was a Prince in the house of Draculesti, and the old man, Vlad II was a member of the Order of the Dragon-fitting, actually-founded in 1408 to fight the Turks and the Ottoman empire. Vlad III Dracula was actually his name: son of the dragon. But the woodcuts showing him drinking the blood of his victims were all made well after his death. Worked for the Turks, and should work for the tweaker scum now.
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  4. Yup. I've read about that. He was sending some pretty powerful messages to his enemies. Legendary, literally.

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