Car rentals in Forks

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Panhandle, Feb 12, 2012.

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    Just remember, What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
  2. It's not that terrible, c'mon. Pizza and sex. Even when it's bad, it's good.
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    All I know is here in mayberry by the border we got your typical crap pizza joints..cross the line and there are some semi decent ones...Pizza's I've gotten at the pizza place on the right hand side near the end of town have been the best I've had on this coast..
    Even my LJB who comes down from b.c. said the main reason he comes down is that pizza...
    So, there you have it...

    Some are pizza rich, some of us are pizza poor......Only ate there last year and it was damn good fo us P.P. folk...was told to avoid the Chinese rest. and one of the Mexican places by the locals..
    but to be honest...after living in SoCal for a good chunk of my life...I haven't found any Mexican food up here worth a damn....

    One spot for breakfast and a shore lunch for's all good!!!
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    There is a Gray Line bus you can catch in front of the Dew Drop Inn every two hours starting at7:00 AM Friday through Monday. Makes the full swing from Calawah to the Queets
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    go to the dinner on the main drag! you eat like a logger from the early 1900's and its pritty good prices!
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    Exactly! As the Brit's would say: "Simples."

    But the orig poster is more than a bit away from, (drive wise) and needs to rent a car to fish, on the OP. IF you have the option, fly into Portland (Oregon) and rent a car. You'll cut your drive time to Forks by close to 50%. Doubt me? Look at a map.
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    you are waaaay off base
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    oh gawd....we're just trying not to run two cars over the state to the OP.
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    Just pulled up mapquest 4 hrs 50 mins from PDX to Forks.
    3 hrs 35 mins from seatac..100 plus miles less too... Attack wins!!
    Hows that big ol brown dog of yers anyway? Keep thinking bout him trying to spot fish for me last march out on the oly pen.
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    More than willing to take your word for that (no kidding) When I was visualizing a map of the State of Washington I never would have guessed that type of difference.