Car Rod Racks - Safe?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by freestoneangler, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. I've been seeing quite a few folks with hood/roof mount rod racks. They sure seem convenient, but how safe are the rods from getting damaged? While in Montana last week, we drove through a few short sections of roads that had been freshly chipped and lots of projectiles were flying about as traffic past. I saw one car go by with about 6 rods angled from hood to roof...I was cringing thinking about what a misplaced pebble traveling 50+ mph might do :eek:.

    For those that own/use them, any issues... other than cleaning off bug debris?
  2. Been using one for years. No problems.
  3. Drove for a week in MT with mine BUNGIE balled to the roof rack. Use a hood mount one frequently. You worry too much. Watch out for those asteroids and alien space craft!
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  4. I have a magnetic one, love it, rated for 50mph, done faster then that with it, although the rods started flexing back and forth, not recomeded for highway use. But for roadside sight fishing, you can't beat one
  5. The Sumo mounts are awesome as long as you make sure they are secure before driving off.
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  6. Never had a use for those. My canopy on my pick-me-up has a window that opens into my truck. I just stick my rods there. They fit nicely.
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  7. My son has a set of Sumo mounts that work very well. We also observed a vehicle on the f/way of all places at 70mph and were staying in place. Maybe he was testing the mounts out. If you google the Sumo mount video it will demonstrate the mounts in use. My son and I really enjoy the video and there has been a time or two that he drives like this as he thinks driving between water holes is a waste of fishing time. I gave him a set of magnetic mounts but we do prefer the Sumo suction mounts.
  8. I've used ski a set of Thule Ski Racks on top of my vehicle for rods. Far more secure, locking, and more protection against stray pebbles, or ufos, or falling space matter and whatever else Ed's mumbling about.
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  9. Ed's a moderator. We all know moderators have super natural powers and, in his case, lots of karma. It wouldn't surprise me that he could drive through a hailstorm or follow a gravel truck on I-90 for 60 miles and not have his rods get damaged :D .

    When the truck camper is on, strung rods fit nicely inside for travel between stops. I was thinking about these type racks when the camper is off. Haven't looked yet, but wonder what's available for a standard 6' bed and compatible with Rhino liner. Anyone store rods facing rear hanging over the tailgate?
  10. I have used both magnetic and vacuum mounts and a couple of different kinds. I have had a vacuum mount come loose a few times. Just pulled over and reattached. With the vacuum mounts I get them slightly damp, not sure if it makes a difference? The magnetic ones can scratch your paint so be careful when removing them. I use mine almost anytime I fish any more, sh or dh rods.
  11. Here are some pics of my Mark I rod holder on my old Explorer. I cobbled it together in about an hour before a recent trip to the St Joe. It worked perfect for what I want it for-driving up and down the road looking for the next good spot to stop and fish. The velcro closure is hell for stout and I have little concern about it ever losing it's grip. The front piece is just a hole lined with foam while the rear is a simple bearing block with a small hinge. The original Explorer rack was a clumsy affair with sloping sides that didn't suffer a pontoon boat well. The new wood rack has end stops and eye bolts that make hauling the pontoon a cinch. Plus I can attach or remove both pieces of the rod holder in just a few seconds by using screws.

    I like the way this worked enough that I'll probably build my MarkII model to take 2 fly rods and spend a little more time doing a decent job. It seems a much safer way to carry a rod than having it inside and strung up. Windows, doors and pure clumsiness have a way of eating rods
    despite our best efforts. IMG_0863.JPG IMG_0863.JPG IMG_0866.JPG IMG_0867.JPG IMG_0868.JPG
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  12. I have a magnetic one I got from Orvis a few years ago. Cruised up and down the Clearwater at speeds exceeding the rating of the mounts carrying Spey poles. The thing is excellent; the magnets so strong one could probably lift my truck off the ground by grabbing the rod mounts.

    Of course that would require superhuman strength.
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  13. Itchy said Spey poles.

    Derek and I did a freeway trip here once, rods in mount at 60-70 no problem. Wondered what Leland would do if they gave way and we brought in some warranty claim debris.

    If I had good Karma the one word contest thread would disappear. I have limited magical powers, but I'm working an angle on some high power pixie dust.
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  14. Watch the dust...that's why pixies all have perforated septums.

  15. get suction cup ones not magnet ones.. make sure they are properly attached, check them from time to time, I leave mine on for weeks at a time.When i am in Montana i have no fear of getting on I-90 and doing 75 from Missoula to Butte or driving the entire length of Rock creek whichever seems worse to you :)
  16. I'm sure they are fine at low speeds but my baby's ride inside the car now. Subaru outback FTW.
  17. I have used the mag mount holders for years without problem in losing rods. Unfortunately, the mag mount holders seem to have developed legs as I accidently left them on my truck while fishing and they were gone when I returned
  18. Using a snowboard rack is way better than any of those sumo holders, suction holders, or mag holders.

    They all inevitably fall off and about 25% of the time when you check them before driving off they are loose. When you have >$2000 of gear up there, it's worth spending a couple hundred bucks to just get a snowboard rack.
  19. Nicely done Ive, Red Green would be proud!

    Jesse has the sure route, but he's independently wealthy and top-o-the-line stuff is of no matter to a man of his means.

    CLO - I tend to be a wee bit over anal about my rods as well and always trying to protect them and reels from getting boat rash and piss poor handling damage...hence my reservation about these external mounts and the inquiry. Still, I'm thinking about rigging up something for the truck bed.

    Ed - what the hell is your rub with the One Word Contest? There are many days when it is the only damn thing on any of the forums worth responding too... just some lighthearted fun.

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